March 2, 2012

Democrats Win Pyrrhic Victory While Squashing Religious Freedom

In an Action Alert this week, Christian Coalition of America asked supporters to call both of their United States Senators to urge them to vote for an amendment by Senator Roy Blunt, Republican from Missouri, to stop the Obama administration from discriminating against Christians and other people of faith.

Unfortunately, through nefarious shenanigans, the Democrats
would not even allow Senators to vote up or down on the Blunt Amendment.  Harry Reid, whose party controls the United States Senate - undoubtedly for less than a year more with disastrous votes for the Democrats such as Thursday’s vote - had to play cute and have a vote to “Table the Blunt Amendment” which would confuse a lot of Americans; and that was the Democrats’ intention. The vote was not about contraception as the pro-abortion liberals maintain, but maintaining religious freedom for all Americans which the Blunt Amendment would have done.

Regardless of the defeat of the Blunt Amendment by 48-51 on Thursday, the Christian Coalition of America will be scoring this vote in the 2012 Congressional Scorecard.  The American people will not be congratulating the Democrats for their pyrrhic victory nor for their their successful squashing of religious freedom in America when it comes time to vote this November... (READ MORE)


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Senate Blocks Birth Control Mandate Repeal

The Senate defeated a Republican measure Thursday aimed at rolling back President Obama's birth control policy in a 51-48 vote.

"The vote today should be a clear message that if we take extreme positions from the social agenda we hear so often in these Republican primaries and bring them to the Senate floor, common sense and the majority feeling in America will prevail," one Democratic Senator told reporters after the vote.

The legislation would allow employers and insurers to opt out of requirements in the president's health care law if they object on moral or religious grounds... (READ MORE)


Jobs Through Growth, Not $5 Gas

Although President Obama has talked lately about an “all of the above” energy strategy, he doesn’t actually have one. Right now, his energy policy can be summed up as: cash for cronies at Solyndra; restricting access to America’s abundant energy resources; and preventing construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which could bring our economy thousands of new jobs and transport 830,000 barrels of oil a day.

Oil production on private and state-owned land – land beyond the federal government’s grip – grew 14% last year. At the exact same time, production on federal land fell 11%. Gas prices have nearly doubled since Obama’s inauguration, and energy analysts predict that more Americans than ever before will pay $5.00 per gallon this year... (READ MORE)


GAO Finds Massive Waste Yet Senate Democrats Refuse to Pass a Budget

Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Jordan offered the following statement after the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released its second annual report on waste and duplication in federal programs. The GAO found 51 areas of government spending where taxpayers could potentially save tens of billions of dollars every year. The GAO also found little progress in reducing the waste identified in last year’s report.

“Washington wastes more money in a year than most Americans see in a lifetime, but Senate Democrats refuse to pass a budget. 11 different agencies run 94 different programs to encourage ‘green building,’ and Senate Democrats still refuse to pass a budget. 13 agencies operate 209 different STEM education programs, and still we see no budget from Senate Democrats.”

“This kind of waste and duplication is shameful and, with a $15 trillion national debt, it is downright dangerous for our economy. One of the first things conservatives in the House did last year was propose the Spending Reduction Act to cut or eliminate over 100 different areas of the federal government. There is no excuse for failing to cut spending when this sort of waste is so abundant”... (READ MORE)


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