May 21, 2010

Primary Roundup: Tea Parties, Incumbents and Runoffs, Oh My!

The media has referred to it as "Super Tuesday". But considering there were only a handful of states having primaries, it wasn't really super in size. Although it did produce some interesting results.

Here's a roundup of the big stories...

Pennsylvania: Lights Out for Specter

After switching parties for the second time in his career, Specter is now a man without a country, so to speak. So much for Obama having the influence to pull Specter over the finish line. In fact, that's the other "big" news of the night, that Obama is now 0-4 when it comes to big endorsements (remember Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts?)... (READ MORE)


New Gallup Poll Confirms Pro-life as "The New Normal"

The latest Gallup poll on abortion is in and - for the third time in several years - it confirms that most Americans share the pro-life point of view.

The poll points out that the overall shift towards more conservative views on the issue that began over a year ago has continued, with 47% of respondents claiming to be "pro-life" vs. 45% who say they are "pro-choice".

While the gap between the two opinions is not very significant, it does represent a firming of pro-life opinion in the country, prompting Gallup to refer to it as "the new normal" on the issue. It's also worth pointing out that these last few Gallup polls on the issue represent the first significant change on the issue in over a dozen years (when the pro-life position was at a twenty point deficit)... (READ MORE)



Take Action on the Kagan Nomination

In nominating Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, President Obama has proved yet again that he is focused on appointing judges who will bring liberal activism to the bench for decades to come.

Though her "paper trail" is thin, we do know that she supported banning military recruiters from college campuses because she opposes the ban on open homosexuality in the military. We know that she has argued that the government should be allowed to ban certain forms of political speech. And we know that she has been endorsed by pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage organizations.

Visit our Supreme Court Action Center and get the facts. Then join our online campaign and speak out to your Senators today!


Vandalism of War Memorial Cross Demonstrates Anti-Christian Sentiment

If you needed an example of just how far some elements in our country have gone to breed a sense of hostility towards Christianity (and anything that remotely reminds them of the Christian faith), then look no further than to what happened this week to the war memorial in the Mojave Desert.

Under cover of darkness, vandals removed the cross-shaped memorial from its place atop a hill in the desert.

The memorial had been at the center of a long running legal battle over whether or not it was constitutional for the symbol to be on public land, but within the past month the US Supreme Court finally weighed in and found the monument to be constitutional... (READ MORE)


Hawaii Needs Your Help

The Hawaii legislature, in the final minutes of this years session, broke the trust of its people by voting to allow HB444 regarding civil unions to become law. Although they needed a 2/3rds majority, as this bill was originally voted to be tabled for the year, they then conducted a "sneak attack" and voted to suspend their own rules and to allow a simple majority vote for the bill to pass. It then passed by a vote of 31-20.

The opposition rally to this bill numbered around 12,000, while the bill supporters numbered around 100 during their rally. This bill would allow gay couples to have the same benefits and rights as married couples, and the vast majority of the state clearly oppose this bill.

Our hope is now that the Governor will veto this bill, as the Speaker of the House has publicly stated that he will not call for a special session to try for an override... (READ MORE)


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