May 9, 2008

FBI Director Robert Mueller Testifies at Hearing that America is Losing the War Against Child Pornography/Former Justice Department Prosecutor Patrick Trueman Says that Easy Availability of Online Pornography is Contributing to the Dangerous Problem of Child Prostitution

Christian Coalition of America commends the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Robert Mueller and former prosecutor in the Bush 41 Administration, Patrick Trueman, for calling attention to the problem of child pornography and the equally dangerous problem of pornography on the Internet leading to child prostitution.

In a late April hearing of the House Judiciary Committee, FBI director Mueller said "We're losing" the battle to combat child pornography and child exploitation on the Internet. Mr. Mueller went on to say: "It is growing on the Internet, exponentially is probably too strong a term, but just about every crime there is has gravitated to the Internet, and in certain cases, the Internet has provided the vehicle for expansion that otherwise would not be there, and that's certainly true with child pornography."

Regarding possible legislation requiring additional record retention by the Internet Service Providers (ISPs,) Mr. Mueller said: "I do believe that records retention would be of assistance in terms of addressing these problems. But it's not just one agency, it's a number of federal agencies, state and local law enforcement, all to be integrated in addressing what is an increasing problem. It's important that we have access to the records, and records retention by ISPs would be tremendously helpful in giving us the historical basis to make a case in a number of these child predators who utilize the Internet to either push their pornography or to lure persons in order to meet them."

Recently, Patrick Trueman, the former chief of the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section in the Criminal Division of the Justice Department during President George H. W. Bush's administration, raised the alarms about the dangerous problem of online pornography leading to child prostitution.

Mr. Trueman -- quoted in the "San Jose Mercury News" which reported that in the past ten months, police have discovered more than 170 underage children (as young as 11 years old,) being used as prostitutes in the streets of Oakland, California -- said: "What you're finding in today's society is a greater interest in illicit sex than ever before. The Internet has caused that because an individual can go on the Internet, see hardcore pornography, see child pornography, and have almost zero chance of being caught. The next thing they want to do, then, is have sex with a prostitute."


Christian Coalition of America's Michele Combs Testifies at Hearing of the House Commerce Committee subcommittee on the Internet Advocating Net Neutrality on the Internet to Prevent Discrimination Against Groups such as Christian Coalition

On Tuesday, Christian Coalition of America's Michele Combs testified before a House Commerce Committee subcommittee on the Internet, regarding Christian Coalition's support for net neutrality on the Internet. She also testified in support of the net neutrality legislation introduced by Republican Congressman Charles "Chip" Pickering (MS) and Democrat Congressman Edward Markey (MA) called the "Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2008," H.R. 5353. Congressman Markey chaired Tuesday's hearing and Congressman Pickering acted as the ranking Republican member for most of the 4-hour hearing and defended their legislation throughout the hearing.

"The Washington Times" on Wednesday said that at "issue was the question of how much discretion Internet-service providers (ISPs) should have in managing the flow of Web traffic over their networks. At times of peak congestion, ISPs say network engineers need to slow some traffic in order to optimize the overall flow across their networks. This has involved slowing access to peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing technology...."

"The Washington Times" went on to report that "advocates of net neutrality say all types of Web traffic should be treated equally. They see a future in which ISPs will discriminate against certain applications or users in favor of others, perhaps even charging more money for unfettered access. They point to an ongoing Federal Communications Commission investigation into allegations that Comcast blocked downloads of the King James Bible using P2P file-sharing technology BitTorrent Inc.

"'This debate is not over whether carriers can or cannot perform network management,' said Rep. Edward J. Markey, Massachusetts Democrat and chairman of the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on telecommunications and the Internet. 'The question is whether in the name of network management, policy-makers permit carriers to act in unreasonable, anti-competitive fashion,' he said."

Earlier this year, Michele Combs testified at the Senate Commerce Committee in Washington D.C. and at the Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) summit at Stanford University in Berkeley, California, regarding Christian Coalition's support of "net neutrality." She also testified before the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee in support of the "Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2008," H.R. 5353.

Christian Coalition of America generally supports a laissez faire policy by government, but in this case, broadband firms are engaging in the same kind of censorship as the Chinese government. Christian Coalition is worried about the cable and telephone duopoly being discriminatory regarding content on the Internet.


Michigan Supreme Court Rules Wednesday that Local Governments and State Universities in Michigan Cannot Offer Health Insurance to Partners of Homosexual Workers

In a victory for pro-family values, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that state universities and local governments in the state of Michigan can no longer offer health insurance to homosexual workers. By a margin of 5-2, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that the ban against homosexual "marriages" put into effect by an overwhelming majority of the citizens of Michigan in 2004 (59% to 41%,) also blocked domestic partner policies affecting homosexual employees at the University of Michigan and other public-sector employers.

Wednesday's high court decision upheld a previous ruling in February 2007 by a Michigan appeals court. The decision will affect some 375 homosexual couples at up to 20 public universities, community colleges, school districts and local governments in the state of Michigan.

The 2004 voter-approved law says that the union between a man and a woman is the ONLY agreement recognized as a marriage "or similar union for any purpose." Justice Stephen Markman who wrote the majority opinion said that while marriages and domestic partnerships aren't identical, they are similar. So far, the citizens of 26 other states have enacted -- by overwhelming margins -- laws (constitutional amendments) banning homosexual "marriages" and it is expected that California's voters will adopt a simlar ban on homosexual "marriages" this November.

Possibly, Florida and Arizona, will also have such referendums on their ballots this November, which would make a total of 30 states upholding traditional marriage between one man and one woman after the November elections.



Senator Sam Brownback Congratulates the Israeli People on the 60th Anniversary of the Independence of the State of Israel

Today, Senator Sam Brownback, R-KS, congratulated the Israeli people on the 60th anniversary of the independence of the state of Israel. President George W. Bush is headed over to Israel -- after the wedding of Jenna, one of his twin daughters, in Crawford, Texas this weekend -- to help celebrate Independence Day with the Israeli people.

Senator Brownback said today: "Six decades ago, the Jewish people realized a 2,000 year old dream by regaining the right to live freely and independently in their ancient homeland. In the years since independence, the State of Israel has achieved more than many thought possible, succeeded where others have failed, and advanced beyond anyone’s imagination. The global community benefits from Israel’s commitment to democratic freedom in the face of constant, existential threats. May the next 60 years bring only peace, happiness, and success to the citizens of Israel."


Congressman Paul Broun tells his Fellow Members in the House of Representatives To End Loophole (with his legislation) Allowing Pornography to be Distributed to and sold at Military Exchanges

Congressman Paul Broun, R-GA, wrote a letter to his fellow 434 Members of the United States House of Representatives and urged them to co-sponsor (and help pass) his "Military Honor and Decency Act," H.R. 5821, which would prevent the sale of sexually explicit material on military installations around the world.

He told his colleagues that as a former Marine and Naval Medical officer, he was "deeply concerned for the welfare of our troops and mission. I understand the difficulties that are often associated with enduring high-stress situations while separated from loved ones; yet fostering the sale of pornography on military installations is a far cry from an acceptable solution."

Congressman Broun told his colleagues in his letter that: "... broad definitions in the (National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1997) statute have created a loophole which allows publications such as Playboy, Penthouse and other similar material that many (including myself) label as pornography to be distributed to and sold at military exchange stores. That is why I have introduced the Military Honor and Decency Act, H.R. 5821. My bill will close the statutory loophole and right a bureaucratic -- and moral -- wrong."

In Sunday's Mideast edition of "Stars and Stripes" a number of military family members agreed with Congressman Broun: "...At Yokota Air Base, Japan, military spouse Roberta Woolley said she understands the need to balance between rules and individual rights, but said the military has tougher standards than the rest of American society. 'It's a good idea,' she said of the proposed ban. 'I think there's better literature out there ... In the military, we sell cigarettes and alcohol legally. But it's also questionable whether they promote a healthy lifestyle.

'I've seen all these magazines, and they don't make men or women intelligent or beautiful. And even though they're hidden, there is still exposure to children as well. It's the parents' responsibility to give ideas about body awareness to their children. I don't think Mr. Hefner presents a positive image of men or women in his magazine.'"

A female soldier named Sergeant Pou McCall from Riverside, California said of these pornographic magazines, "What if it was their (soldiers') sisters (in the magazines?) It doesn't take a magazine for sexual harassment to happen but it increases it."

Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, R-MD, sponsored the original legislation -- which was passed into law in 1997 -- to rid military post exchanges of pornography. The former publisher of Penthouse magazine challenged Congressman Bartlett's law in court in 1997 with the claim that it violated his free-speech rights by using government bureaucrats as censors.

A left-wing federal district court judge agreed with him and barred enforcement of the law. However, a federal appeals court disagreed saying that military exchanges are "nonpublic forums in which the government may restrict the content of speech." The United States Supreme Court in June 1998 sided with the federal appeals court and declined to hear the case. Christian Coalition of America comends Congressman Broun for introducing the "Military Honor and Decency Act. The American military needs to obey the law and to stop the spread of pornography on its military bases around the world.

ACTION ITEM: Please your Congressman at 202-225-3121 or you can go to and email them and urge them to co-sponsor Congressman Paul Broun's "Military Honor and Decency Act," H.R. 5821.


Christian Coalition Activists Need to Encourage 110th Congress to Pass Both "Net Neutrality" and "Multicast-Equal Access" Legislation to Prevent Discrimination Against Religious Broadcasters - Democrat-controlled Congress Expected to Pass "Net Neutrality"

"Multicast/Equal Access" (formerly called "Multicast/Must-carry") will go a long way to preventing discrimination against religious broadcasters. Without a "Multicast/Equal Access" law, the cable and satellite companies would probably not add new Christian channels and the influence of current Christian channels will be diluted.

ACTION ITEM: Please all your Congressman at 202-225-3121 or you can go to and email them and urge them to co-sponsor the Net Neutrality legislation introduced by Republican Congressman Charles "Chip" Pickering and Democrat Congressman Edward Markey called the "Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2008," H.R. 5353.


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