November 19, 2010

Tell Congress to Support Local Christian Radio

A bill that could put thousands of media outlets in the hands of churches, schools, and community groups is very close to passing - but it won't get there without your help.  Take action now to expand Christian radio.

The Senate was ready to pass a bill to expand access to low power, noncommercial, local FM radio stations to communities nationwide.  But just a couple of Senators have blocked the bill - and could prevent it from passing unless we call now.

Click here to call and ask your Senator to make sure the Local Community Radio Act passed before they go home for the holidays... (READ MORE)


A no-brainer for bipartisanship

As he prepares to take on the role of House Speaker, Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) has pledged to bring a new era of bipartisanship to Congress. "I think the best leaders are very good listeners," said Boehner in October. "Because if you are not listening, you cannot lead."

President Obama responded in kind: "Let's go ahead and start making some progress on the things that we do agree on," he said, "And we can continue to have a strong and healthy debate about those areas where we don't."

Here’s their best chance to listen and lead together: Republicans, Democrats and nearly every one across the political spectrum agree that opening our radio dial to more local voices is good for the country... (READ MORE)


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Earmark opponent Rand Paul fights for the Tea Party in the Senate

In today's "The Wall Street Journal," Tea Party-supported Senator-elect Rand Paul is reported to being on the warpath against the pork-barrel spending rampant in both Republican and Democrat Congresses the past few decades.  He and other newly elected Senators such as Florida's Marco Rubio, Utah's Mike Lee and Illinois' Mark Kirk are determined to end the practice.

Rand Paul's father, Congressman Ron Paul, a medical doctor like his son, has been on a similar campaign in the U.S. House of Representatives for a couple decades.  And Representative Paul just got many reinforcements elected with the help of Tea Party activists and supporters.  Congresswoman Michele Bachmann from Minnesota has already formed a Tea Party Caucus in the House of Representatives... (READ MORE)


House Dems Reject GOP Proposal to Defund NPR

House Democrats on Thursday rejected a GOP proposal to cut federal funding to National Public Radio, which has been under fire ever since it sacked Juan Williams last month.

The proposal, which was the winning entry this week in YouCut -- an anti-government spending program started by House Republicans earlier this year -- failed by a vote of 239-171.

NPR praised the outcome, saying "good judgment prevailed as Congress rejected a move to assert government control over the content of news"... (READ MORE)


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