October 19, 2007

Christian Coalition Urges Supporters to See "Bella" OPENING Weekend - A Movie Which Has Already Changed Lives and Saved Babies

On Friday, October 26th, the life-changing movie "Bella" will be at movie theatres all over the United States. It is imperative that you and your friends fill seats next weekend at movie screens showing this award-winning movie.

Please click on the subsequent link and watch “Eduardo’s story” - Who he was before Christ, who he is now, and a story about Eduardo meeting a couple who were contemplating an abortion.

Steve McEveely, the Executive Producer of "Braveheart" and a producer of "The Passion of the Christ" said about "Bella": "The last film with Bella's momentum was the 'Passion of the Christ.' The Passion showed how Christ died for us and 'Bella' shows how we should live for others."

Here are other sites available to help you promote this important and tremendous film:

Christians constantly complain there are no movies in theaters worth watching. Christians gave "The Passion of the Christ" great support in 2004 (Gross revenues over $1 billion) and conservatives need to also support the movie "Bella."


At a recent event, a woman stood up and told “Bella”’s producers that the newborn baby she was holding, a baby she named Bella, was saved from death because she changed her mind about having an abortion after seeing the movie a few months ago – This is how powerful this movie is.




House GOP Leaders Organize Major Effort to Gain Support for a Discharge Petition Allowing a Floor Vote on a Bill Banning the "Fairness Doctrine"

The leader of the Republicans in the United States House of Representatives, Congressman John Boehner, (R-OH), and the House Republican Study Committee (RSC) Chairman Jeb Hensarling, (R-TX), this week urged all RSC Members and members of the House to sign the discharge petition for legislation (H.R. 2905, The Broadcaster Freedom Act) to statutorily prohibit the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from restoring the “Fairness Doctrine” (regulations requiring political balance in radio and TV broadcasts).

Republican Leader John Boehner has described attempts to revive the doctrine as “a dangerous idea that would be a setback for the cause of free speech and the constitutional rights our Founding Fathers put in place at the beginning of the Republic.” RSC Chairman Hensarling also encouraged each RSC signer of the discharge petition to try to get at least one of the 113 Democrats who have already voted against the Fairness Doctrine this year to sign the petition.

Republican Leader Boehner and RSC Chairman Hensarling argue that the proliferation of television, radio, print, and Internet media has transformed the Fairness Doctrine into little more than a way for the federal government – at the behest of left-wing special interests – to restrict free speech on the public airwaves, particularly when it comes to talk radio.

Former RSC Chairman, Congressman Mike Pence, (R-IN), filed the discharge petition this week - which was immediately signed by Republican Leader Boehner and Republican Whip Roy Blunt, (R-MO) - to force a vote on the "Broadcaster Freedom Act", authored by Congressman Pence, to ensure that no future president could regulate the airwaves of America without an act of Congress.

Congressman Pence said: "The time has come to do away with the Fairness Doctrine once and for all. While June saw 309 Members of this House vote for an amendment to ban the Fairness Doctrine for the next fiscal year, more must be done to ensure that this archaic regulation of the airwaves of America can never return."

218 Members must sign the discharge petition to force a vote on Pence’s bill.

The bottom line is, if a future president reinstitutes the Fairness Doctrine, the radio station owners will be taking talk show hosts off the airwaves based on political commentary, including conservatives Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and liberals such as Alan Colmes.

ACTION ITEM: Please Contact your Congressman and urge him/her to Sign the "Discharge Petition", allowing a vote on the "Broadcaster Freedom Act" authored by Congressman Mike Pence -- Call your Representative @ 202-225-3121 or Go to http://www.cc.org/contactcongress.cfm and email them.


"Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) to Mainstream Homosexuality and "Trans-genders" and Provide Homosexual Activists a Legal Tool for Punishing Employees Who Disapprove of Their Lifestyle

The House Education and Labor Committee is debating the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA,) H.R. 3685. If this dangerous and abominable legislation passes Congress, it will mainstream homosexuality and provide homosexual activists a legal tool for punishing employers who do not approve of their lifestyle. Along with giving homosexuals special rights in America, the left-wing Democrats are debating on whether or not to give, so-called, "trans-genders" special rights.

Businesses will be forced to provide special employment rights to those who define themselves based on sexual behaviors if ENDA becomes law. This is clearly an unconstitutional bill and should not be approved by Congress.

Business owners who have moral and religious standards will be punished if ENDA is passed and they will not be able to hire who they wish. Among groups which will NOT be exempt from these onerous regulations if this bill is passed are: Boy Scouts, Day Care Centers, Private Schools, and many other religious-oriented groups.

ACTION ITEM: Please Contact your Congressman and urge him/her to Vote NO on the "Employment Non-Discrimination Act" (ENDA), H.R. 3685 -- Call your Representative @ 202-225-3121 or Go to http://www.cc.org/contactcongress.cfm and email them.



Christian Coalition Supporters Need to Immediately Call Their Senators to Urge them to Vote No on the Clearly Anti-America Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST)

The “Internationalists” in the United States Congress, a clear majority, and unfortunately supported by many in the Bush Administration, are agitating for a vote on a treaty which President Ronald Reagan despised - the infamous and anti-American Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST.) The changes President Reagan asked for, in voicing his opposition to former LOST legislation, have in no way been included in the subsequent LOST treaty. The last Republican Senator Majority Leader, Bill Frist, blocked from the last attempt from even getting a vote in the Senate.

One of the top national security analysts in the country, Frank Gaffney, President and Founder of the Center for Security Policy, listed 6 major reasons for defeating this dangerous LOST treaty including the fact that the United Nations will begin taxing Americans:

  1. Ronald Reagan rejected the 1982 Law of the Sea Treaty – not just because of certain details associated with seabed mining, but because of the threat he rightly saw that LOST represented to our sovereignty and national interests in its empower ­ment of supranational government. Representations that his concerns have been “fixed” by a 1994 agreement that Bill Clinton’s administration negotiated are false.
  2. LOST puts the United Nations on “steroids” - This treaty is also known as the “United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea”. All LOST agencies are United Nations organi ­za ­tions. The United Nations Secretary General plays an important role in administering the treaty. The United Nations has a track record of corruption and hostility to America and its allies. LOST would give The United Nations control of 70% of the world’s surface. Clearly, passing this legislation would be nothing short of crazy.
  3. LOST threatens American sovereignty – LOST subjects our governmental, military and business operations to mandatory dispute resolution – to be decided by international bodies that are stacked against us. LOST’s broad jurisdiction, involving virtually anything affecting the world’s oceans, is an invitation to UN interference in our affairs on an unprecedented scale.
  4. The Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) is inconsistent with American security - As a party, the United States would be obliged to uphold myriad commitments at odds with our military practices and national interests, including one reserving the oceans exclusively for “peaceful purposes.”
  5. President Clinton called LOST "the greatest environmental treaty in history." - It will be used by America’s economic competitors and strategic adversaries to interfere with our sovereign decisions concerning actions they deem to have unacceptable environmental impacts. LOST is a back-door way to impose U.S. compliance with the Kyoto accord
  6. LOST would establish a precedent for international taxation - LOST’s multilateral International Seabed Authority (ISA) can impose fees, royalty requirements and other payments on American companies in order that they may exercise exploration and production rights they already enjoy. The effect will be to make this UN agency less accountable and transparent – and invite similar arrangements for global taxation by others without representation.

ACTION ITEM: Please Contact both of your United States Senators and urge them to VOTE NO on the Law of the Sea Treat (LOST) if it comes up for a vote this month – Call your Senators @ 202-224-3121 or you can go to http://www.cc.org/contactcongress.cfm and email them.


Democrats Lose Attempt to Override President Bush's Veto of the Socialist-leaning “SCHIP” Bill

After two weeks of repeated intimidation efforts by Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other left-wingers, not even one Republican member of the House of Representatives who voted against the bill, increasing the socialist-leaning State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) by a whopping $35 billion, changed their minds on a vote to override President Bush’s veto.

Left-wing Democrats in the United States Congress, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid from Nevada, and their supporters conducted an intimidation campaign to override President George W. Bush's veto to no avail. The Democrats' bill would include free health insurance for children from families making up to $83,000 and would include "children" up to age 25.

One target of these left-wingers was Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett, the only courageous member of the Maryland delegation to vote against the expansion approved by the Democrat-controlled Congress last month.

Before he voted no this week to override President Bush's veto, Congressman Bartlett responded to Harry Reid's intimidation efforts by thanking the majority leader "for recognizing that I cast the only correct vote about SCHIP in the state." Congressman Bartlett also said, "The fact that the liberals are protesting my vote on the SCHIP just confirms to my constituents that I've made the right vote on that."


Christian Coalition Activists Need to Encourage 110th Congress to Pass Both "Net Neutrality" and "Multicast/Equal Access" Legislation to Prevent Discrimination Against Religious Broadcasters

The lame-duck Republican Senate did not pass a telecommunications bill and thus a "Net Neutrality" provision was not passed in the 109th Congress. "Net Neutrality" is an issue extremely important to America's grassroots organizations and those Americans who want to ensure the cable and phone companies controlling access to the Internet will not discriminate against groups like Christian Coalition of America.

Although AT&T recently made an agreement with the FCC that it would agree to "net neutrality" in order to acquire BellSouth Corporation in an $86 Billion merger, the agreement only lasts 2 years. Therefore, Congress must pass "net neutrality" legislation in order to make "net neutrality" permanent.

It is anticipated that the Democrat-controlled 110th Congress will agree with the position of the recent House Judiciary Committee Chairman, James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) and pass a "Net Neutrality" bill during the session.

If "Net Neutrality" legislation does not pass, consumers will have to pay an additional fee to have a website and the cable/telephone monopoly will be dividing the Internet into a "fast track" and "slow track." Our grassroots, many of whom cannot afford the additional fees, will have to be on the slow track, which will mean that much “speech” from of our websites will go unheard by because the general public will not have the patience to go on that "slow track".


"Multicast/Equal Access" (formerly called "Multicast/Must-carry") will go a long way to preventing discrimination against religious broadcasters. Without a "Multicast/Equal Access" law, the cable and satellite companies would probably not add new Christian channels and the influence of current Christian channels will be diluted.


Please continue to ask your Members of Congress to support “Multicast/Equal Access” and religious broadcasters.

ACTION ITEM: Please contact your Congressman and both Senators and let them know we need “Multicast/Equal Access” and "Net Neutrality" legislation to pass in the 110th Congress - Call them @ 202-225-3121 or you can go to email them @ http://www.cc.org/contactcongress.cfm.


Join the Christian Coalition’s Judicial Task Force, which is dedicated to ending the obstruction of the President's judicial nominees and ensuring that they ALL receive a fair "up or down" vote by the full Senate

Please sign our petition and join the Christian Coalition’s Judicial Task Force at:


Also, encourage your family, friends and church friends to also sign this crucial petition, as well!

There are a number of President Bush's Circuit Court of Appeals' nominees who have not yet received a Senate floor vote. The challenge to confirm President Bush's nominees in a Democrat-controlled Senate will be very difficult and we need your help in doing just that! You will become part of a team of individuals who are committed to being ready on a moment’s notice to take action when obstruction does occur.

Please keep the above issues in prayer. Through prayer and action great and mighty things can be accomplished!

Psalm 33:12 “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord…”