September 16, 2016


Please join the Christian Coalition and the Young Conservatives for Energy Reform as we co-sponsor an event that will bring together grassroots leaders and activists from across the country to hear key leaders from the legislative, military and business communities speak on energy reform and the effects it has on our economy, our national security and our environment.


Former State employee Bryan Pagliano defied a congressional subpoena and did not appear as a witness before the Committee.
Despite being compelled by subpoenas, Mr. Pagliano and Mr. Combetta did not produce their immunity agreements and the Committee was unable to learn important details about their deals with the Department of Justice.
Platte River Networks IT specialists Paul Combetta and Bill Thornton invoked their Fifth Amendment privilege and refused to answer questions from the Committee.  
Mr. Combetta would not answer questions from the Chairman concerning two specific email exchanges about Secretary Clinton's emails and federal records... (READ MORE)


“I heard from veterans in my district years ago—long before I was the Majority Leader—that they weren’t getting their disability payments they deserved. They submitted their claims, but the VA was too backed up. The process was taking months, sometimes years. The appeals process quickly became a never-ending bureaucratic maze. Now, after a report from the GAO and countless legislative hearings and testimony, today we vote on reforms by Chairman Miller (FL-01) to ease the backlog that has only gotten worse.

“Reforms to the VA are necessary. You can ask any vet who has had to wait or a whistleblower frustrated with the VA’s culture, the VA has a long laundry list of changes it must make. But there is a problem. Unless the VA holds those handful of employees accountable who turn a blind eye, show up to work intoxicated, or falsify wait times, the culture won’t change"... (READ MORE)
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senators James Lankford (R-OK) and David Perdue (R-GA) have introduced the JCPOA Enforcement Transparency Act, which would increase oversight of the Joint Commission, a committee created under the Iran Nuclear Deal to monitor implementation, and call on the U.S. representative to the Commission to oppose further exemptions for Iran.

The Institute for Science and International Studies recently issued a report claiming that some of Iran’s nuclear facilities and stocks were not in compliance with President Obama’s original Iran deal restrictions when the deal was implemented. Additionally, the Institute notes that the Joint Commission may have secretly issued exemptions to Iran... (READ MORE)


WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made the following remarks on the Senate floor today on how Obamacare is hurting people across the country:
“Days before Obamacare passed the Senate, in 2009, the Senior Senator from New York predicted that Americans would come around “soon” on the unpopular bill his party was trying to force through.
“The reason people are negative is not the substance of the bill,” he mused, “but the fears that the opponents have laid out. When those fears don't materialize, and people see the good in the bill, the numbers are going to go up.” 
“Today, years later, one need only read the headlines to see just how wrong that prediction was... (



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