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Bill Would Force Crisis Centers to Promote Abortion

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Crisis pregnancy centers in California could soon be forced to promote abortions.

Legislation currently being pushed through by state Democrats would require all licensed centers to notify their clients of state programs that offer abortion services.

The Reproductive FACT Act, or AB 775, was approved by the California Assembly Health committee in April.

Court holds first hearing in House lawsuit over ObamaCare

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Obama administration attorneys are urging a federal judge to throw out an election-year lawsuit by House Republicans over the president's health care law. 

Attorneys for the House counter that their unusual suit deals with critically important issues related to the separation of powers and should be allowed to continue. 

Netanyahu: Nuclear Iran Far Exceeds ISIS Danger

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JERUSALEM, Israel -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a visiting U.S. senator a nuclear-armed Iran is 1,000 times more dangerous than the Islamic State.

"As horrific as ISIS is, once Iran, the preeminent terrorist state of our time, acquires nuclear weapons, it will be a hundred times more dangerous, a thousand times more dangerous and more destructive than ISIS," Netanyahu told Sen. William Cassidy, R-Louisiana, during his visit.