August 15, 2014

A Note to the Media – Count Bombs Rather than Bodies

The media has it all wrong.  They are failing to provide accurate information so it is time it was provided to them.

First of all, the world grieves for the wounded and dead Palestinians but the blame does not belong to Israel – it belongs squarely on the shoulders of Hamas who use their own people as human shields to protect their weapons. Simply stated, Israel uses her weapons to protect her people but Hamas uses their people to protect their weapons.

It is a fact acknowledged by the Secretary General of the United Nations and other world leaders that Hamas uses their own people as human shields to protect their weapons which are stockpiled in hospitals, schools, senior centers and homes in the heart of densely populated Palestinian neighborhoods. It is also a known fact that before Israel sends a retaliatory strike into Gaza, they first warn the residents to vacate by sending text messages, placing phone calls and dropping leaflets.  Hamas prevents their people from leaving thereby intentionally placing them in harms way.  This serves a two-fold purpose for Hamas. They know Israel will not intentionally target civilians but if civilians do get in the way by failing to evacuate, then the dead and wounded will play well for Hamas’ media campaign and gain them additional sympathy from the public... (READ MORE)


Congressman Randy Forbes: “A win-win for businesses: hire our nation’s heroes”

The Affordable Care Act requires that all businesses with more than 50 full-time employees provide health insurance to their employees or pay a fee.

I supported the Hire More Heroes Act, H.R. 3474, to exempt veterans who already receive health insurance through the Veterans Affairs Department or reservists covered under TRICARE from being counted toward the number of employees that triggers the employer mandate under the ACA... (READ MORE)


Taking Israel Out of the Bible

New Christians struggling to study their Bible are often taught to read the scriptures as though they were written personally to them, even reciting the scriptures using one’s own name in place of the verse’s subject. While it is important to apply scripture to one’s own life, it is equally important to not ignore the original context of the scripture and the original recipient of that particular promise.

For example, a special verse that brings comfort to a person who may be experiencing difficulty is Isaiah 49:16 “See, I have inscribed you [insert name] on the palms of My hands.” This verse lets the believer know that they are known by the Lord, and He holds them before Him, as it were, in the palms of His hands. It is a beautiful verse... (READ MORE)


Netanyahu: Looking for War Crimes? Try Hamas, ISIS

Rockets from the Gaza Strip followed by targeted Israeli airstrikes disturbed the fragile ceasefire between Hamas and Israel overnight, but a new truce is still holding.

Just before midnight, negotiators extended the ceasefire for another five days, marking the longest pause in the fighting since the start of the IDF's Operation Protective Edge last month.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu angrily rejected a U.N. investigation of alleged Israeli war crimes in Gaza.

In a nationwide address, Netanyahu accused the U.N. Human Rights Council of giving legitimacy to terror groups like Hamas and ISIS.    

"The U.N. Human Rights Council gives legitimacy to murderous terrorist organizations such as Hamas and ISIS," Netanyahu said.

"Instead of inquiring into the massacres that [President Bashar] Assad is perpetrating against the Syrian people or that ISIS [Islamic State of Iraq and Syria] is perpetrating against the Kurds, the U.N. has decided to come and check Israel -- the only democracy in the Middle East, a democracy that is acting legitimately to defend its citizens against murderous terrorism," he said... (READ MORE)


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