Save Talk Radio

The liberals have solidified control over Congress and won the White House - and now they're threatening to use their new political muscle to shut down talk radio as we know it!

They want to pass what is known as the "Fairness Doctrine", which is nothing more than a way for the federal government to demand that all broadcasters must give "equal time" to all points of view.  

Their real target is talk radio - the one place in all of media where conservatives outnumber liberals.  The place where many conservatives go to avoid the liberal bias in the mainstream media and find out what liberals are really up to.

And liberals want to destroy it! 

Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer even went so far as to compare talk radio to "pornography". 

They know that this law would intimidate radio station owners not to carry hours of conservative talk (because they would have to offer hours of liberal talk) - meaning shows like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly would be a thing of the past.

They know that conservative talk radio is one of the biggest obstacles standing between them and being able to implement the rest of their radical liberal agenda.

Americans must let Congress know loud and clear that they DO NOT want our airwaves censored for political content!

Tell them to DEFEND FREE SPEECH!  Tell them to say NO FAIRNESS DOCTRINE!