Bombshell Strikes "Hunted Child" Launch!!

The very day that the dynamic new series, “The Hunted Child-Mark for Mark” was pre-launched before the media on 2/25/11, an unexpected bombshell exploded in an attempt to stop it. Despite fierce opposition it was successfully launched to the world on March 1st. The story of the pre-launch can be found at: www.revaustinmiles.com . Here is the REST of the story…

 A press conference to introduce the series was held at Trinity Christian School on the site of Mountain View Christian Center in Oakley, California, which is leased through the Oakley School District that had failed to attract students and had sat empty, for months, costing the district (according to their own figures), $30,000 per year… again, to sit empty.

When Mountain View Christian Center leased it, the city budget deficit was lowered.  However, the Oakley School District Superintendent, Rick Rogers was never in favor of a Christian organization leasing the school, referring to the staff and teachers of the school derisively as, “You Christians!”

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