Nuttiest News of The Day--Plus Video

by Rev. Austin Miles

Last week i did a funeral for a German family who had found themselves behind The Iron Curtain under communist rule when the wall divided East Germany from West Germany. The mother of that family starved to death during that time due to lack of available food. They shared with me the horrors of living under Marxist-Communist-Socialist rule, the very rule that Obama offers us for the future as we forcibly "share" our wealth with non-productive people.

The big 'change' he offers is equal opportunity to live in poverty. His thoughts mirror those of the Russian Socialist Movement, a form of Hegelianism, championed by such men as Belinsky in the 1840s who claimed that "People are so stupid that they must be dragged to happiness by force."  The nuttiness is that America is allowing obama to drag us further along that path.

More Nutty News of The Day: A mosque is going up in New York City at the site of Ground Zero where Muslims hijacked airplanes to crash into the World Trades Building and kill 3000 people. Yes, a mosque! Which will be 13 stories.  According to One News Now Edward "Ro" Sheffe, the chairman of the financial district committee for Community Board 1, said the 15 members passed a resolution of support for the project. What? These brain-washed knuckleheads approved this?

Observing Our National Day of Prayer

"And this is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests which we have asked from Him." - 1 John 5:14-15 (NAS)

"... Casting all your anxiety upon Him, because He cares for you." - 1 Peter 5:7 (NAS)

"... For he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him." - Hebrews 11:6a (NAS)


To Our Prayer Partners,

We are now in the season when our nation comes together for a day to storm heaven for America. We are asking each of you to pray and contact your elected officials on Thursday, May 6th.

A United States Federal Judge has ruled our National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional. There is a Bipartisan group working to overturn this ruling and we thank the Lord for each of these men and women that are taking a strong stand for prayer.

Our elected officials in DC are considering a new Supreme Court Justice.  Please lift this critical appointment up in prayer. Pray for a born again believer and one that takes a strong stand against the abortion issues.

Continue to pray about the health care reform and what is best for our nation and each citizen living in America. Agree with me that the devil cannot rob or steal another thing from the American people. Bind the devil and cast him out and release Godly Holy Spirit favor and blessing on America and each elected official and each citizen in Jesus name.

Georgia NAACP shows being liberal is more important than being prolife

The Georgia chapter of the NAACP has just provided the country with an example of what most people have known all along: that's it's more important for liberal groups to adhere to the liberal orthodoxy - especially on abortion - than it is for them to look out for the best interests of the community that they supposedly represent.

This example comes as a result of their move to withdraw their support for a bill moving in the Georgia House of Representatives that would ban abortions conducted for the purpose of racial selection.

Edward DuBose, chapter president, issued a statement withdrawing the support, saying, "Earlier this month, the Georgia NAACP submitted a letter to support Senate Bill 529. We now fully understand the intention of this legislation and wish to retract our support for it."

"At the time, we were of the understanding that this bill would work to benefit the women in our community. However, after many conversations with membership and constituents, we now realize that this is nothing more than using women's health as a political tool," he said, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper. "Women of color in Georgia need more than divisive messages and deserve better access to health care."

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Obama Believes Pro-life Democrats Fodder for Gifts


Obama Believes Pro-life Democrats Fodder for Gifts   


The time until the House votes for nationalized heathcare is less than a week away. Nevermind if it passes, it will be the biggest move to socialism America has ever had. Nevermind the majority of Americans see the inherent faults in the sytem of sociaized healthcare, and disagree with the plan Obama proposes. Nevermind the plan incorporates the caveat that Americans will pay for any abortion a woman wants, despite the majority being overwhelmingly against it. And nevermind that this plan will balloon the national deficit beyond any conceivable amount.

The pro-life Democrat representatives who can stop this bill are listed below. The word is that Obama and Pelosi will do whatever they feel is necessary to sway these Democrats from a nay vote to a yea vote when they vote on nationalized heathcare in a week. That includes, but is not limited to, special gifts, trips, earmarks, and other privileges given to those who vote with the president.

Personhood for corporations (but not the unborn)

Columnist Cal Thomas raises a point to ponder in the light of last week's decision by the Supreme Court which (essentially) extended First Amendment rights to corporations and unions.

He points out that, for purposes of the Constitution, the court rightly decided that these entities are comprised of citizens, so they have the rights of citizens when it comes to free speech.

The ruling came the week of the annual March for Life, which draws
thousands to Washington to mark that same court's 1973 Roe v. Wade
ruling. The march has become not so much a protest as an affirmation of
the value of all human life.

What makes the ruling and the march ironic is that the 1973 court,
in essence, downgraded a human fetus to the level of nonperson, while
the modern court has invested "personhood" in corporations. Does anyone
else see a contradiction or at least a moral inconsistency in these two

Of course, as Thomas mentions, the difference in conclusions has a lot to do with the court making the decision...and in this case "who" was on the court.

Capitol Hill Update: Will Sen. Ben Nelson Vote to Save America?

It is being reported, by almost all news media outlets, that the almost year-long debate on the make-or-break issue of the Obama presidency is actually coming down to the vote of one single Democrat Senator.  Senator Ben Nelson from Nebraska has threatened to vote against the ObamaCare bill being considered in the Senate unless it has guarantees that Americans will not have to subsidize abortions as well as addressing other fiscal concerns he has with the bill.  

The question of the decade, if not longer is, will Senator Ben Nelson provide the most important vote cast in the United States Congress in decades and vote to stop America from sliding into socialism?  Will he become an American hero as his fellow Democrat, Congressman Bart Stupak from Michigan, did in the House of Representatives last month?  The alternative for Senator Nelson  --  from the most conservative state in the union, besides Utah  --  is sure defeat when he runs for reelection in 2012.   

Congressman Bart Stupak, through incredible strength of character, refused to cave-in to the tremendous pressures put on him by the leadership of the Democrats in the House of Representatives during the debate of ObamaCare last month.  Congressman Stupak's pro-life amendment, preventing Americans from subsidizing abortions, passed overwhelmingly by a margin of 240 to 194 with 64 Democrats joining him along with every single Republican except for one who voted present.   

Nurse forced to participate in abortion

A nurse in New York has filed a lawsuit against Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, after being forced to assist in a late second-trimester abortion.  The hospital knew of her objections and essentially told her she would be fired otherwise.  Specifically, she would be charged with "insubordination and patient abandonment", leading to a possible loss of her job and her license as a nurse.

The woman's attorney stated:

"We're seeing more and more cases where pro-life health workers are facing requirements to assist in abortions against their rights of conscience."

Of course, this comes against the backdrop of the Democrats' attempt to have the federal government take over much of the health care industry in America, which, by definition, includes the people who actually practice medicine.  What kind of protection will those individuals be afforded to avoid doing things that violate their conscious or religious beliefs?  Such as, in this case, abortion, or even doctor assisted suicide - or straight out Euthanasia?

The short answer seems to be little.  Obama himself promised a "robust conscious clause", but this is the same President who used his authority to rescind such protections for medical practitioners that was put in place buy the Bush administration.

And Congress has already had an opportunity to extends such protection as part of the ongoing heath care debate and chose not to.  Specifically, the House rejected an amendment which would have done just that.

The Attacks Aren't Because Palin is Pro-Life...


The Attacks Aren't Because Palin Is Pro-Life.....

Explanation of Excommunication by the Catholic Church


Because 23% of Americans actually claim to be Catholic, it should be made crystal clear as to what excommunication actually is. Some look at excommunication as a thorny punishment from the Catholic Church. It actually is a medicinal penalty that is compulsory to help the sinner repent and turn back to God.

The Church fervently hopes that the former Catholic changes their ways, and is in "communion" with the rest of the Church. Unfortunately, this election showed a true differentiation.

The mind boggling part was that fully 54% of American Catholics during the last presidential election voted for the party who espoused abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, and same-sex marriage. Cloning in this administration seems a likely probability as can be seen in New Stem Cell Research Bill Could Promote Human Cloning ....

The above is all of the five "non-negotiables" that exist for any Catholic. Any "non-negotiable" is an intrinsic evil every time-that is, belonging to an act that is essential or inherent. No exceptions exist.

Comrade Obama and His Czars

The Funk & Wagnalls Dictionary defines a Czar as: "1.) An emperor or king;  one of the former emperors of Russia; 2.) An absolute ruler; despot."  This has never been a term used in The United States of America, a free country and democracy. It has, up until now, been a title of an official within the Communist-rulers of Russia. So why has there not been questions over the use of that Marxist term in America?  Why has no one challenged this?

Not one media outlet has spoken out about this added socialistic term and the citizens themselves are sitting back and letting it happen, seemingly not wanting to be awakened from their dogmatic slumber. I have not heard one citizen even mention this in private conversations. This transformation and takeover of our country is incredible to watch unfold.

That term itself (czar) must be rejected NOW and never used again. By citizens and media using this term matter-of-fact signifies acceptance of this part of the 'change' promised us by Barack Hussein Obama, and helps it all to happen. America must put its foot down once and for all...unless being enslaved is desirable.

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