activist for Jesus Christ

out of hospital since Oct 2010, but still suffering from Obamacare

I am hurt by Obamacare.  In May 2010, I signed myself off of medicaid public assistance because I did have faith in medical science or traditional medications.  On July 4, 2010, I was instructed by LORD Jesus Christ from the bible code to go to the hospital immediately, following my emailing of the Israeli prime minister for help with my "mission" and to look me up in the bible code.  The U.S. government and president thought I was either a terrorist or spy, and injured me accordingly.  I was raped by a doctor and stabbed in my knee by a nurse.  They did other less harmful things too to injure me.  I kept talking about how I wanted to impeach the president, which added to the mistreatment I received.  After two months of twice daily forced injections of psychotropic medications, I began fasting for an attorney and court date.  None was given, but my dad visited me so I thought God told me this was my interruption point, so I ate again.  I was later discharged after a total of eleven weeks, but now have a guardianship forced upon me to try to prevent me from suing the doctor who rapped me or anyone else.  I desire now to work for Barack Obama as his adviser and to direct the U.S.

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