Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Dead at 95

Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Dead at 95

Solvang : CA : USA | May 04, 2014 at 6:00 PM PDT
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Efrem Zimbalist Jr


Two Senators Betrayed Their Party by Endorsing Homosexuality

Yesterday two elected New York Republican Senators,, Stephen Saland, representing Poughkeepsie, and Mark Grisanti, representing Buffalo, cast the deciding votes that has made "marriage" between same sex partners now a legal right in what is being described in the liberal media as "An Historic Victory!"

These two Republican Senators who made this distortion of marriage possible were voted into office to represent the interests of those who put them in office, with family values a top prioity, since families, consisting of a man and woman bound together by marriage and who raise their children in marriage, are the core of the strength of our nation.

This is what Senators Saland and Grisanti promised to represent and were paid to do, which is treasonous. They have struck a serious blow against family as defined by God and this insane bill will work to erode the very concept of family. We understand that the next stop will be to rename Father's Day, Parent's Day. That is what is now planned.

It is also a serious blow to homosexuals who have the shortest life spans of any other group of people due to the diseases their abnormal sexual activity provokes.

By these senators encouraging them in homosexual conduct, they are playing an active role in the early destruction of these lives along with the gifts and abilities that we will not tbe able to benefit from because of their premature deaths.

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