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Prayers with LORD Jesus Christ Revealed to me Clarity on What America Needs to Do ASAP

It has been revealed to me for a few months what America needs to do.  God is giving me greater clairity when LORD Jesus Christ thinks I am ready for further clarification and insight into my revelations.  I desire with my heart's intensity for the LORD Jesus Christ to focus my mind and emotions, so that I can act to help His kingdom expand and be ever so much more dominant.  I see myself as insistant, in that I try to promote the will of LORD Jesus Christ, even when nonbelievers and agnostics are uncomfortable, as that is their problem, not mine that they do not belive in LORD Jesus Christ.

Over time, the nonbelievers will either believe in LORD Jesus Christ or will parish.  It is simple.  I was sent to LORD Jesus Christ to do work with my hands as though at times they are the hands of Christ.  I seek within myself, in prayer, to serve the will of LORD Jesus Christ, and to do so with strength of spirit and intensity of will, that only LORD Jesus Christ can empower me with.

My revelations are complex, but I will attempt to render them simple here.  They are primarly based on economic policy and legal codes that relate to taxes, medical care, housing and home ownership, and the criminal justice system.  Here is my attempt at summarizing, with a slight elaboration:

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