alternative health

Health and Wellness from LORD Jesus Christ blessings

If I were to get sick, I would want a Bible and plenty of water.  I do not have faith in modern medicine, as pharmacy drugs appear to be goods of satan to mislead the consumer and enrich the till of the companies that manufacture those disgraceful chemical concoctions.  I believe the power of plain water for drinking and a Bible to fill the mind and heart with faith is perfect for me the next time I am ill with a cold or the flu.  I have a terrible distrust for medical doctors, as my trust has been earned instead by a formidible rival to the medicine men: LORD Jesus Christ and His Holy Christian Bible.

I believe in alternative health, not the health that is sold at hospitals and traditional, conventional clinics.  I seek freedom from disease, not to start a war of chemicals upon my body to try to "fight" off some disease.  I choose to put my faith in God, because the truth can be a superior cure leading to quality living and enriched enjoyment of every day a person has on this earth until their day of judgment.

I believe the Bible will liberate my body and mind in a superior manner over all the evil magic medical doctors can ever achieve.  Besides, I trust LORD Jesus Christ with my life, and I have been convided medical doctors do harm most of the time, except when the medical doctors are neither doing good nor harm, but just racking up a bill of charges for unimporant, meaningless tests and consultations.

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