Obama to push for amnesty?

Will Obama make a push for amnesty for illegal aliens in his State of the Union speech?  The Washington Examiner's Byron York says yes. He contends that it's one of the other unfullfilled promises Obama made to his base, and he needs to get them into a better mood going into this fall's election.  And, presumably, the people a push for amnesty would upset, are already upset.

The latest indication that Obama plans to move ahead on his commitment
to comprehensive reform is in a set of videos released by the White
House to mark the president's first year in office. The videos, in
which cabinet members explain their goals for the coming year, are on the White House website.
In one of them, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano touts her
department's efforts in 2009 to deploy "more people, technology, and
resources" at the nation's borders. In 2010, Napolitano says, Homeland
Security will work on aviation security, information sharing, border
security, and: "We will pursue comprehensive immigration reform to
address longstanding problems with our immigration system."

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