LB Neal's Organ Donation Saves Important Life

LB Neal's Organ Donation Saves Important Life

Phoenix : AZ : USA | Oct 08, 2012 at 2:40 PM PDT
LB Neal's Last Photo 2 Months Ago
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LB Neal-Publisher of American Daily Passed Away Today

LB Neal-Publisher of American Daily Passed Away Today

Phoenix : AZ : USA | Oct 03, 2012 at 5:38 PM PDT
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LB "Neal" Neal-Publisher of American Daily
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American Daily Publisher Recovering From Brink of Death


MilesTones-Looking Over The Shoulder

The website, has grown considerabley with heavy traffic. News editors are picking up and publishing many of the breaking stories here, which they are free to do. The story, “Incredible Veteran’s Day Parade in Antioch,” really hit a responsive chord. It was published all over the world, including the newspaper, U.S.A. Today. The Great Chicken Trial of Brentwood (along with the follow-up stories) was listed in the top stories of 2010 by The Press in Brentwood. Editor Rick Lemyre makes it clear that this doesn’t mean most “important” but most ‘interesting and unusual,” which MilesTones is all about.

Tom Barnridge in his column in The Contra Costa Times (1/2/11) called the event of the famous chickens, Henny and Penny;  “Our favorite controversy” (of 2010). He even mentioned the cranky neighbor who complained that the “chickens poop 1000 times a day!” (which is a lot of .....ah forget it!)  prompting Mr. Bandridge to ask, “We wonder who did the counting?” Yep, that would take a lot of backyard surveilance. Anyway,  Henny and Penny were pleased by Mr. Barnridge’s mention.

California Pastor Blasts Phelps Family "Church"

The funerals have begun in Tucson, including that of a 9 year old girl, Christina Taylor Green. Ironically, this little innocent third grader was born on a day of violence, September 11, 2001, and she died on a day of violence, Saturday, January 8, 2011.  Intruding into the violent tragedy in Arizona that has grieved America, Fred Phelps and his Kansas family planned to come and picket the funeral of the little girl this morning. I saw his raving video where he yells, “God Bless that shooter!  God sent that shooter.”  This is a display of criminal insanity, not Christianity.

The enemies of God happily declare that this is an example of Christianity and that his ‘church’, Westboro Baptist Church is a ‘fundamentalist’ church. Phelps is not a Christian nor his family. He does NOT represent God in any way, nor does he represent pastors, Christians or the church.

His “church” is not a church. Only family members gather in a space, Still, it has worked out for them to be called a ‘church’ with tax exemption. To my knowlege no member of the public attends. The name Baptist is used fraudulently. They are in no way affiliated with the Baptist union. As for as being fundamentalists, that would apply to religion and they are not a legitimate religion.

Arizona, illegal immigration and boycotts

There's a really interesting new poll out today - from CNN no less - which shows OVERWHELMING opposition by the American people to any attempted boycotts against Arizona as a result of its new immigration enforcement law.  Further, it shows the country moving away from Obama and the Democrats on this issue at a pretty rapid clip.

From the poll:

  • A full 82% of Americans as being opposed to boycotts against Arizona - and 57% saying that they support the law.
  • 60% of the public favoring immigration reform that focuses on enforcing the law and the border, (instead of the "comprehensive, let's find a way to let them stay and be legal" reform).
  • 54% say that they support building the border fence.
  • And support for more fines on businesses that hire illegals has risen to 71% (from 58% four years ago).

It should also be pointed out here that CNN sampled over 1,000 "adults" - meaning that their sample wasn't limited to just "registered voters" or even "likely voters", each of which almost always would produce even more "conservative" responses to the questions, (and would be more informative for analysis in terms of potential political / election impact).

Obama: The Great Divide

Obama: The Great divide

Jan Brewer has accomplished much more than merely enacting a "sensible law" in Arizona, she has exposed the Obamatron's for the snake oil opportunist and soulless traitor's to the constitution that they are. Most columnist either conservative or liberal would describe this as a "tough law" not a "sensible law", that is a testament to how far left this nation has derailed. A "tough law" would be letting the police and other law officials treat this invasion like it really is, a mortal threat to our sovereignty. Calderon, the Mexican president, has no intention of corralling his murderous marauders.

Eric Holder, the nations "Top Cop" and highly over paid Obamadriod, has mindlessly uttered how unconstitutional and bias this law is, shortly before admitting that he has not had a chance to read all 10 pages of it. The pathetic reality that this goon hasn't been evicted from his perch for this reckless rhetoric, shines a light on how weak and helpless we the citizenry have truly become. If Holder had offended a Muslim, he would be picking the pebbles out of his rear end, from the pavement he'd just been thrown out on. Holder is a proven cheat and a liar, but "we the people" seem too impotent to do anything. So much for being able to dismantle an out of control government and starting a new republic.

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