Michigan: Union Tactics Delay Right-To-Work For Up to a Decade


School districts and universities in Michigan rushed to sign last-minute contract extensions that effectively bypass the new right-to-work law.

The right-to-work law went into effect last Thursday, but prior to the law going into effect at least 41 school districts and five colleges had approved contracts that circumvent the new law, for a few years.  There may be a price to pay, however; Republicans in the Michigan House of Representatives are threatening to apply costly sanctions on these districts and institutions.  The Detroit Free Press reports:

“House Republicans have voted for budgets that cut funding for the institutions and districts that signed contracts between Dec. 10, 2012 — the day that the right-to-work bills received final passage and a signature from Gov. Rick Snyder — and Thursday.

Christian Coalition voters in New Jersey

Dear Christian Coalition voters in New Jersey:

     My name is Scott Collins. My wife Ruth and I moved into Bergen County, New Jersey in 2010. Ruth is a regulatory affairs specialist with a pharmaceutical company and I am a full time volunteer. I am currently gathering signatures to get Newt Gingrich on the ballot for June primary in the state. I am willing to travel anywhere in the state to gather signatures for Newt. I can only register Republican or Independent voters, unless, the democratic voters are willing to fill out a change of party form. I am not asking anyone to vote for Newt, just for the voters to have him as choice on the June ballot. My phone number is 201-575-1203. Thank you and let us defeat Obama in the fall!


Scott Collins

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