Exclusive Release! Text of Hens Defense at The Great Chicken Trial of Brentwood

This Tuesday, February 9th, two famous hens will face the final vote before The Brentwood City Council which will determine their future. The hearing will take place in the Council Chambers beginning at 7. Henny and Penny, the defendants, found themselves caught in a web of bureaucracy over a housing issue which brought them before the council January 26th. A passionate defense was given for the hens. The council dead-locked with two votes for the hens and two against. One councilman who was absent will cast the deciding vote at the February 9th meeting.  Henny and Penny will again be present. Area TV news broadcast portions of the trial and defense. An avalanche of requests poured in...well...actually one...to release the text of the entire defense of the hens to the public at large.  You will see the unabridged, unedited text as given below....

Text of Chicken Defense Presented by MilesTones Before The Brentwood City Council on January 26, 2010
Honorable Mayor Bob Taylor, distinguished members of the Brentwood City Council, Citizens of The Great City of Brentwood. On behalf of Henny and Penny, who are watching these proceedings with interest, we thank you for putting the issue of the chickens on the rooster...ROSTER!  They are chickens of upstanding character who get up early and go to work, producing pure organic eggs.

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