Mall Kicks Jesus (Cradle and All) Out of Creche Display!

Mall Kicks Jesus (Cradle and All) Out of Creche Display!

Antioch : CA : USA | Dec 17, 2012 at 4:10 PM PST
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GOP Congressman Sponsors Animal Cruelty!

GOP Congressman Sponsors Animal Cruelty!

Des Moines : IA : USA | Aug 04, 2012 at 12:18 PM PDT
Photo courtesty of Gary Zeigler
"Larry" Tortured and Left in Ditch to Die

by Rev. Austin Miles

Thief's Christmas Surprise-Who Gets Coal in Stocking?-Jerry Newcombe's Handel on Music


Composer George Frederick Handel

One would be hard pressed to top this Christmas Story that unfolded in Carmel, California. As shoppers frantically picked out last minute gifts, a lady carrying a bag, with her little dog on a leash, turned from the main area onto a quiet side street.

A thief seeing the vulnerable woman with the little dog quickly appeared with a strong arm approach, demanding she give him everything she had. "Oh please," she said, "I only have this bag." The thief grabbed the bag out of her hand and ran off into the distance.

The victim shrugged her shoulders and smiled. That bag was filled with dog poop she had scooped up as she walked her pup. And MilesTones can't help but wonder if the thief loudly uttered those two famous words that automatically follow an unexpected result when he opened his bounty....maybe spoil is a better word to use here.

Another Christmas happening guarantees lumps of coal in the stocking of AMC (American Movie Classics) next year. Last night, the day after Christmas, they aired a show especially for youngsters, Polar Express, a great fantasy story for kids (and adults). Wonderful family fare.

News Briefs Pulled Up: Amber Alert Hoax-Obama's Birthday-Saving Babies, Rev. Johnny Jones-and More

But first, this headlined story tease in today's Irish Central newspaper:

Cavan bishop finally laid to rest in Perth diocese he created
Thursday, August 4, 2011, 4:47 AM
"The Irish bishop credited for the spread of Catholicism in Western Australia was finally buried at the parish he founded after his death 140 years ago." How's that again?  We suppose that anyone who can found a parish 140 years after he died deserves to be in the headlines.

Obama's Birthday is today, or so it is announced. Can we be absolutely sure about this birth date since he won't show us his original birth certificate? Happy Birthday Anyhow.

The Bible says that with faith Christians can move mountains (Mark 11:23). Devout Christian, Art Mijares, isn't trying to move a mountain, he just wants to rename it, Reagan Mountain, instead of Mt. Diablo (devil in Spanish) which suggests that it is a monument to the devil. There have been several hearings in Contra Costa County, California on the issue. There's also been a lot of flack.

Citizen, a publication of Focus on The Family had an interesting editorial in the current issue by Tom Minnery, titled, "Free Speach Could Cost You." He writes: "Today, there is no live-and-let-live attitude by same-sex marriage proponents."

Rocker's Viagra Overdose! What? Plus The Dotted Lines and Video

It was bound to happen and it did! According to the German news-site,The Local,Tom Kaulitz, a member of German pop band, Tokio Hotel believes in the Boy Scout motto: "Be Prepared." Anticipating a party with some groupies in Taiwan after a recording session, he got some Viagra and took not one, but several of the pills, which kept him at attention for two days, we are told. While MilesTones has not been able to fully verify this part even though told to us by a reliable source, he had been doing a remake CD of "A Hard Day's moving right along.....

In London, as a distressed man climbed to the top of a bridge to jump off he saw at the top a young woman also about to commit suicide, so he hastened his climb to get to her and save her from jumping. His saving her wound up saving him as the two clicked and are now engaged to be married...which gives a new slant on 'leaping into marriage'....Out of Springfield Missouri cometh the news that slaughtering horses for human consumption could resume, which means horse meat served in restaurants...that's really putting the a la carte before the horse....a truly international report informs us that FRENCH President Nicolas Sarkozy muscled Chancellor Angela Merkel by threatening to pull his country out of the euro currency union unless GERMANY helped GREECE with its debt crisis, a SPANISH newspaper reported Friday. Anybody from Ireland out there?

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