The Republican Party’s “Dark Horse” Rides Again

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If you listen to the political pundits, Romney almost has the GOP primary sewn up for this year’s presidential elections. Romney’s now focusing on Obama. Obama’s focusing on Romney. And they’d tell you Obama will win again. But Santorum seems to have the momentum, despite being massively outspent by Romney.

What the media doesn’t say, is “dark horse” Rick Santorum is still in the GOP race with Romney, and may provide a truly exciting finish. Recent delegate totals for the four Republican candidates are (1144 for nomination): Romney-654, Santorum-270, Gingrich-137, and Paul-71.


Several items point to this ‘dark horse’ winning everything:

1) When Santorum lost the Iowa caucuses by only 8 votes to Romney, Bachman immediately pulled out of the race. Considering her political stance, her absence would likely have given her votes to Santorum, easily putting him over the top. And Secretary of State voter registration numbers recently show, for the first time in years, the Republicans in Iowa outnumber the Democrats.

Explanation of Excommunication by the Catholic Church


Because 23% of Americans actually claim to be Catholic, it should be made crystal clear as to what excommunication actually is. Some look at excommunication as a thorny punishment from the Catholic Church. It actually is a medicinal penalty that is compulsory to help the sinner repent and turn back to God.

The Church fervently hopes that the former Catholic changes their ways, and is in "communion" with the rest of the Church. Unfortunately, this election showed a true differentiation.

The mind boggling part was that fully 54% of American Catholics during the last presidential election voted for the party who espoused abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, and same-sex marriage. Cloning in this administration seems a likely probability as can be seen in New Stem Cell Research Bill Could Promote Human Cloning ....

The above is all of the five "non-negotiables" that exist for any Catholic. Any "non-negotiable" is an intrinsic evil every time-that is, belonging to an act that is essential or inherent. No exceptions exist.

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