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Cops Killing Family Pets MUST Stop

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Brain-Bending Atheist and Christian Views on Life Compared

Brain-Bending Atheist and Christian Views on Life Compared

Atlanta : GA : USA | Apr 21, 2014 at 8:15 PM PDT


Auctioning a License to Kill !

Auctioning a License to Kill !

Walnut Creek : CA : USA | Jan 17, 2014 at 7:46 PM PST
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It's True--A Sow's Ear Into a Pink Purse!

It's True--A Sow's Ear Into a Pink Purse!

Bethlehem : GA : USA | Dec 19, 2013 at 3:26 PM PST
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Quick Pencil Sketch by Cathy Taibbi

LB Neal-Publisher of American Daily Passed Away Today

LB Neal-Publisher of American Daily Passed Away Today

Phoenix : AZ : USA | Oct 03, 2012 at 5:38 PM PDT
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LB "Neal" Neal-Publisher of American Daily
by Rev.

American Daily Publisher Recovering From Brink of Death


"Mouse" Traps Readers Into Lively Romp With a Rodent

It is rare for an eBook to be reviewed, but this compelling Barnes and Noble offering is such a treat for the mind and eyes that it would be a disservice not to alert readers to such a magnificent little work that is such a joy to read. Cathy Taibbi knows how to tell a good story. She is a born novelist.

This true story, as related through the eyes of a fifth grade child, possesses a charming simplicity of things important to a child, like the anticipation of the first snowflakes to fall and the comforting warmth of a woodstove fire. All these descriptions, so beautifully given, will pleasantly rekindle the child inside every adult, as happy memories of the excitement and innocence of youth are recalled. Views of the snow covered grounds from her bedroom window are shown as they were taken at that time of the story.

The eye-catching headshot of the cross-eyed mouse on the cover immediately gives a hint of the delightful story inside that awaits the reader. And what a story it is ! Anyone who has experienced a house-mouse suddenly claiming resident rights in the kitchen can identify with the havoc that can be caused by such a perky visitor.

"Mouse," the star of the story manages to stir up a household over the Christmas Holidays. This personable little creature WAS stirring on The Night Before Christmas, yes, EVEN this mouse, when everything else was quiet.

MilesEye View of Saturday News July 2, 2011-Sex On The Brain

Male Testosterone Eruptions (MTE) has increased in rising intensity, erupting world wide without restraint in a runaway growing epidemic. No anti-eruption weapons are availiable in this cheat & tweet era of the secular world. The church, maybe. The world, no.

As if the natural drive isn't powerful enough, a male enhancement product called, Viagra is flying off the shelves in order to increase the eager action associated with MTE

While undergoing heart tests this week, your writer was instructed to not use Viagra for 72 hours before the procedure.(!) They were told that the drug was not used at all since it was not needed.

Now hold on there....we can see the wheels turning in the minds of all the wits out stop it!!

Sex is on the brain...and everywhere else, according to this morning's news reports. Former governor of the State of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, attempting to become the next Father of Our Country, is being divorced by his wife, Maria Shriver, for overdoing his expertise in foreign relations. She filed the divorce papers yesterday.

Yep, the Terminator is being terminated without being able to say, "I'll be back!" or even, "Hasta La Vista Baby!" Prideful of his physique and muscle power, he didn't have the strength to keep his belt buckled.***

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former IMF leader and leading contender to become the next president of France is seeing his own sex case accusations not only fall apart, but the case itself may be thrown out.

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