Chris Christie

Shame on modern-day Judases: GOP Governors Christie, Scott, Kasich, Snyder, Brewer, etc.

During Easter Sunday, many millions of viewers who watched the History Channel’s record-breaking hit television series, “The Bible”  saw the conclusion to the series: the story of Jesus and his betrayal by one of his 12 disciples:  Judas. 

We have recently seen modern day “Judases” in the Republican Party who have forsaken their principles for 30 pieces of silver, or in this case for 3 years of 100% payments from ObamaCare’s socialized medicine scheme in return for the governors’ agreement to greatly expand an already-broken Medicaid system in their states; a system which is one of the most poorly-run health care systems in the entire world.

Whitney's Spectacular Going Home Party

Grammy Photo Gallery

Whitney Houston 1963-2012

by Rev. Austin Miles

More stars were gathered in a church today than attended The Grammy Awards Ceremony. It was a setting where: star entertainers exhibited total respectful dignity...a film star riveting the audience with a moving tribute...a casket with a mysterious glow...and a global audience glued to their TV sets. It was almost surreal.

What's more, these stars were gathered in this church to participate in a service that fully acknowleged and glorified God.

When Whitney Houston unexpectedly died last week a shocked world grieved, and are still greiving. Whitney was a true star who never gave anyone the impression that she thought she was a star.

Perhaps that is one reason she was so loved. She seemed accessible, approachable and huggable. She belonged to the people.

Her mother Cissy decided to hold the service in New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, the family's home Church, rather than a large arena where thousands would come. That decsion could not have been better. The family and very close friends could have a private service while the world was able to watch. The church setting also greatly affected the overall decorum.

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