Understanding the Islamic Mindset

Many religious and political discussion forums are taking place across America and around the world in an attempt to foster understanding and tolerance between Christians, Jews and Muslims.  I, too, am a proponent of the concept of understanding.  To be able to co-exist with Muslims, Christians and Jews and the West in general must possess more than a surface or media-generated understanding of the Islamic mindset.  What I have observed coming from these forums thus far clearly indicates that we are failing to grasp even the basics principals necessary to understand Islamic thought and reasoning.

Christian Youths Standing Up For Jesus In Public Schools

Today's Christian families face many challenges in this world today. This country once believed in the motto: 'In God We Trust.' Our forefathers believed in this. The Constitution was based on scriptures taken out of the Bible. But, we now live in times where Christians are becoming less and less accepted. We are often placed in situations where we are compelled to stand up for our religious beliefs.

Imagine then what it is like for the Christian youth, to attend a public school. Many Christian young people are ridiculed by their peers. They are told they cannot pray in school. They cannot carry a bible. And they no longer are priviledged to have a 'moment of silence' in which they can meditate, pray, and reflect on how God is good to them. Day in and day out they are laughed at, scoffed at, frowned upon, and even rejected by their peers.This makes it difficult for the Cristian youth to stand up for his or her beliefs. But, it has to be done.

We live in a day and age where issues like abortion and homosexuality are becoming more and more widely accepted. This past week, just like last year, my teenage daughter found out what it is like firsthand, to be put down, frowned upon, and even rejected by her peers. She is experiencing this because she does not support the National Day of Silence.

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