Christian Principles

Abortion, The Foremost Issue

Abortion, is it the foremost issue? Yes.

Can you have supported the right to an abortion in the past and still be a Christian? Yes.

Can you have had an abortion and still be a Christian? Yes.

Can you have helped support someone who had an abortion, even being the father of the unborn child yourself, not once, not twice, but three times or more and still be a Christian? Yes and yes.

Can you love and forgive yourself and others who have had an abortion? Yes, you must!

Can you vote for a politician who supports abortion? No.

Can you actively support, or passively accept, the Right to Choose as an acceptable political platform? No.

Can you call into question that an unborn child (and its mother) should have every opportunity possible to come to full term and enjoy the birth rights endowed by their creator? No.

You have, I hope, noticed that I believe that no one can ever deny anyone's Christianity but their own. We can only affirm in positive ways what we believe to be Christian principles and to me the right to life is the preeminent one.

Therefore, those who believe in the right to live must approach all political decisions with the law of abortion kept in mind. Is it the only issue, of course not, but it is the central issue.

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