The only competent "rule from above" is the rule of God. This is made abundantly clear by the hash we make of it whenever we try to set ourselves up in His place.

The Crucifixion of Easter--War Declared!

Easter Sunday Morning 2011
The most sacred and beloved observance for Christians is Easter. As a child I remember getting dressed on Easter Sunday morning and walking with my parents a block over to the North Park Presbyterian Church in Evansville, Indiana. It was a small brick church and seeing the tulips and irises in full bloom in front of the church was always a mysterious joy as they seemed to have materialized and bloomed that very morning.

Those were the days when people had manners and respect. No one would even think of showing disrespect toward the church. This was our heritage and culture. Today, people openly insult the church along with our sincere beliefs, and sadly, Easter itself, which would have been unheard of in earlier years. But today, it is obvious that the world has totally lost its class and any sense of decency that it may have once possessed.





This message has been proclaimed by the Church since earliest antiquity. It is the cornerstone of our Faith, that upon which everything else depends. St. Paul writes,

Bob & Geri Boyd Award Recipients

What a joy to begin the New Year with this story of two precious friends, Bob and Geri Boyd, who were presented  the 2010 Courageous Christian Leadership Award. I can think of no one more deserving.  Bob and Geri are the gracious hosts of the outstanding national radio program, Issues in Education. They tackle the issues of encroaching communism, the state of our public schools, the Islamic indoctrination of our school children and the attempt to strip all Christians of their rights to worship freely. These issues are confronted honestly and thoroughly which has a powerful impact on the public at large and a source of encouragement to Christians everywhere who feel they are not alone in this fight for the faith and the freedom to be a Christian. We are thankful to Chaplain E. Ray Moore, President of Frontline Ministries, Inc. who created this award and released this story: 

Burn Quran Day Idea Not So Hot

It was on, then it was off, now it is on again. Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center, a tiny church of 50 members says that today, September 11, 2010, on the 9th anniversary of the 9-11 sneak attacks on America by Muslims, the Burn a Quran Day WILL take place today in the parking lot of his church. This writer thinks that the idea of burning copies of the Quran is not so hot, even though you will be surprised as to why this objection is offered. It’s not what you think.

This morning (Friday Sept.10,2010), the Occupier of The Oval Office held a pathetic news conference where he virtually begged Pastor Jones not to go through with this idea, because this will upset Muslims which will put our miltary personnel at risk and would lead to violence to Americans overseas. How’s that again? Our troops are ALREADY at risk, constantly. Not only those in Afghanistan and Iraq, but on our own miltary bases right here in America, such as Ft. Hood where a Muslim soldier stationed there, shot up the base, killing and wounding dozens of military personnel. There was no Quran burned. 
As for attacks on Americans overseas, American civilians found we were not even safe from Muslims in our own country. In 1993, American bred Muslims used a car bomb to explode at the World Trade Buildings in New York. And that was WITHOUT ANY KIND OF PROVOCATION OR QURAN BURNING.

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Beck's Racist Rally--Really?

Readers, I’ve tried to get this out all day but again, my computer has been hacked and blocked. Obama’s Marxists do not want this story published. They have tried on several occasions to disable my computer and in effect, to silence me. According to today’s “People’s World, ” the Communist paper of Communist Party USA (CPUSA), the Glenn Beck Rally in D.C. at The Lincoln Memorial, was racist and they hijacked the anniversary of the Martin Luther King “I have a dream” speech that was given at that location, a day in which people of all colors were welcome and gathered in unity, while Beck’s rally was attended by racist white people. So saith they.

That prompted me to fire off a response to People’s World where it was immediately posted. I have been blocked from cutting and pasting from People’s World, indeed, I cannot even print out the response so I will type it exactly as it appears in the Communist newspaper:

Racist Rally
Please assist. I want to do a story/expose on the racism of the Glenn Beck Rally in D.C.. Please help. Anyone who can provide photos of any signs stating, “Black, Asian & Hispanics Not Allowed To Enter,” will be given photo & video credits. Especially any video showing anyone of color being denied access or entry to the premises of the rally. This will prove to the world what is actually taking place.
Posted by A.Miles
09/02/10-12:30 P.M.
(9 hours ago.

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OUTRAGE! Ground Zero Mosque to Open on 9/11 Anniversary!

Yes, you read that right. The 13 story mosque to be built on the Ground Zero location has been approved and is set to begin construction work, with the Grand Opening scheduled for September 11, 2011.  It is to be named The Cordova House which is significant. That name comes from Cordova, Spain that marked one of Islam's greatest conquests during the Middle Ages. To celebrate the conquest, the Muslims took over the Catholic Church and turned it into a giant mosque.  This is the usual method in which they mark a conquest.  

 What is worse,  New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg along with other knuckle-headed oatmeal-for-brains officials all approve of this whole package even though this sacred site, where thousands of our citizens were brutally killed,  will be represented as the Arch of Triumph for Islam. And it was carefully planned to have the grand opening of the mosque on the anniversay of their attack on New York and America. Talk about nerve. And Bloomberg, the various boards, and planning commissions are allowing this outrage to take place. Indeed, they are encouraging it. Has a plague of insanity hit this nation?

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Behind University Expulsion Over Christian Beliefs

Jen Keeton (24) is a brilliant young woman who writes with exquisite English to explain her analysis of various subjects. She entered the Graduate Counselor Education Progam at Augusta State University in Georgia. An excellent student that any university professor or college instructor would be delighted to have in a class,  the Universtiy of Georgia instead booted her from finishing the course and receiving her degree  because she refused to renounce her Christian faith.  Read this story carefully to understand the full significance of this.  

The University insisted that she promote abortion, evolution and gay marriage which clearly would fly in the face of her Christian beliefs. They were especially adamant about the homosexual issues, and demanded that she enter a "Remediation Program" which would include "sensitivity training" on homosexual issues, additional outside study on literature promoting homosexuality and demanded that she attend a "gay pride parade," and then report on it, according to She was instructed to work with GLBTQ (gay-lesbian-bisexual-transsexual-queer) populations and for her to develop a knowledge of homosexuality by reading 10 articles and increase her exposure to homosexuals and lesbians.  Otherwise, they told her, she would be expelled from the program and there would be no credits for her studies. Even though her work was outstanding, it would now all be in vain.  

Liberal Whiplash: The Death and Resurrection of the Black Man

Liberal Whiplash: The Death & Resurrection of the Black Man

"There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs - partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose their grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs."
Booker T. Washington (authentic Black man)

I have been gnawing at the bit, enthusiastically and impatiently waiting to write this article. My brows are down and my eye's could blaze a whole through any intrusion that should stand in my way, emphatically writing this long over due bitter pill. Liberal Whiplash: The death & Resurrection of the Black Man, exposes the progressive agenda to drag the African American community from serfdom to martyrdom. For the purpose of commonsensical factual information, I unabashedly use some generalizations, both about the white race and the black race. There are exceptions to the rule, and for the sake of my brothers and sisters of any color, we should pray to make the exception to the rule, the rule of thumb.

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