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Pastor Jerry Hanoum Family Member Speaks Out

A family member of Pastor Jerry Hanoum who committed suicide on May 4th has contacted us to set the record straight about him and the accusations against him. Were they valid?  The answer is here. It is with permission that this email is published by me. Even though permssion was granted to use the name of that family member, we chose not to reveal it to prevent possible complications. The email sent is printed exactly as received, meaning no changes or edits. It is published in its entirety. This writer had also re-thought the newspaper’s role in his suicide which was published before this email was received. See story:  Rob Bell’s No Hell Doesn’t Jell.

Hello Reverend Miles,

Ive read with a heavy heart your postings about Pastor Jerry Hanoum…  I noticed that the most recent postings appear to point the finger at the newspapers…  That has prompted me to contact you as I understand all too well the hurt that you are feeling…  I believe that Jerry would have me contact you to tell you to stop…  No one but Jerry brought this on himself.

I was with Jerry in the beginning, in Vacaville from Oct 1984 thru the last days when he had to leave…  there were always rumors swirling around Jerry, from the first day I met him to the last…but I ALWAYS ignored them and chalked them up to “never receive an accusation against an elder”....

Stirring Memorial Service for Pastor Jerry Hanoum

Brentwood, California (5/14/11). For events expecting large crowds in the Bay Area’s East County, Golden Hills Community Church is usually the chosen venue. The cavernous sanctuary was almost filled to capacity this morning as the crowd filed in, coming in from as far away as Los Angeles and San Diego to memorialize Pastor Jerry Hanoum, driven to suicide by the newspapers.

Over a hundred pastors attended, and several area churches pitched in to bring food for a reception and helped served the food. It was a time of refreshing unity. Love filled the air.

Speaker after speaker including three ministers had a hard time keeping composure as they spoke about the flamboyant preacher who had a big heart. It was told how a visitor admired a motorcycle the pastor had that was his pride and joy, and as the visitor expressed how much he liked it, Pastor Jerry said, “Take it…it’s yours.” That is the kind of man he was.

He had been the subject of scathing newspaper headlines based upon accusations of financial improprieties which could have been reported in one story with facts.

Instead, the reporters concentrated on attacking his character in general in a series of front page stories that brought suspician on Mountain View Christian Center itself, a church very active in community outreach activity which fed and clothed 1000 people a month, a chaplaincy program on call when needed and helping addicts kick the habit.

Heart of the Bible

...The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love - Galatians 5:6 (NIV)

If you have a heart for God, check out this website. If you like it please post links to help spread the word.

California Church Commissions National Race Car Chaplain

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Contrasting Memorial Day Stories -Plus Video

Memorial Day is too often a day of picnics, beer, trips and family get-togethers, which is all well and good, except for the fact that the entire meaning and purpose of this day has seemingly been overlooked if not forgotten altogether. How could we miss this point?...that this is a day set aside to formally thank those who served our country and gave us our freedom at great sacrifice to themselves. America is now being damned instead of praised, led by the man who occupies the Oval Office who travels the world apologizing for the arrogance of America in protecting her shores.

This veteran Praises God for The United States of America...and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all. Yes, UNDER GOD, whether Michael Newdow, the atheists, humanists and the United States Communist Party (USCP) like it or not.

This country was founded 'under God.' And as we kept Him at the forefront of our lives, America rapidly became the most successful democracy the world had ever seen, with the strongest army in the world, and healthy economy, all accomplished in so little time. We were a law abiding country and could walk the streets safely. Yes, we were a country under God. And we were never attacked by a foreign entity on our soil.

The Cat That Started A Revival!


Revival begins in the heart of a church. From there, God may employ mysterious ways to have it ignite.** Here is a purrfect example:

The revival was to start in a decaying Neighborhood in Staten Island, New York. The pastor had talked to this evangelist during a sectional minister's conference. A revival was needed at his church but the church couldn't afford the expenses involved since they had only a handful of diehards who still attended.

Since I lived in the Bureau of Queens, it would take only a subway ride, then a ferry boat to and from Staten Island, so no living expenses would be necessary. The church would have no financial demands to meet, which met their budget perfectly.

We started on a Sunday morning, with a lot of free newspaper notices and publicity heralding the revival. After the Sunday morning service, the only response was from a little old woman with a sad face who said to me, "Young man, you talked so fast I couldn't understand one word you were saying!"

Off to a great start, the same handful of worshipers less for the night service. Monday night was the same. After the Tuesday night service, I asked the pastor to walk around the outside of the church with me to pray and claim victory.

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