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Long Live THIS Queen!

  Following my recent story, Churches Re-occupying Their Pulpits (on this news site) that show pastors re-examining their calling, Pittsburgh’s Helen Trautman (HLT The Redhead) sent me a very encouraging clip from the Washington Post headlined: “Public Prayer Stirs Culture War in Britain (3/10/12).  And the good news is, Queen Elizabeth is taking a stand.

Little Known History Facts of First Thanksgiving

Having been subjected to the hijacking of our history by “progressives” who have stealthily commandeered our schools, colleges and universities as well as the airwaves and media, it is necessary to take the effort to rediscover the facts of our founding and our roots by putting our noses back in the history books, re-educate ourselves and bring the real Biblical history of America back into focus. Commentator-Radio Host Jerry Newcombe is coming to the keyboard to get us started while joining me in Wishing You A Very Happy Thanksgiving:

Providence and the Pilgrims
By Jerry Newcombe

Every Thanksgiving is an annual reminder of our nation’s Christian roots. The Pilgrims began the tradition, and Presidents Washington and Lincoln made it an official holiday.

The details surrounding the Pilgrims were such that they had much to be grateful for. Here is just a sample.

The Pilgrims were a small congregation who secretly became a congregation in central England in 1606 when they formed a spiritual covenant with one another.

Because of persecution for those who would not conform with the Church of England, they emigrated to Holland for about 11 years. Eventually, they decided to come to British North America, to sail to the “Northern parts of Virginia,” after the permanency of the Jamestown settlement, so that they could worship Jesus Christ in total freedom.

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