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Updated: Great Chicken Trial Leaves Hens Out On A Limb--MilesTones Feature

The Great Chicken Trial of Brentwood took place before the Brentwood City Council last night. A packed chambers witnessed the historic event along with media.  The defendants, Henny and Penny, were present, even though in confinement. The two chickens became the focus of world wide attention after a neighbor raised her wings in attack-mode and complained about the hens before the City Planning Commission. It was then sent over to be heard by the City Council for what was to be a final hearing and decision. However, there were pullet surprises...

Anticipation filled the chambers as the chickens were brought into the room to face the charges lodged against them. Kimberly Kennedy, the hen whisperer, escorted them in along with her daughter, Alexa. Council members leaned forward behind the great desk (forward behind?) to study the objects of that case carefully to determine if the hens had a criminal look or attitude. 

Attendees were impressed by the decorum of the hens who were orderly, polite, clucked softly and dressed properly with little skirt diapers. It was also observed that Henny and Penny were attentive to personal hygene and had been shampooed, making them look very feminine and chick...CHIC!.

The Council discussed if chickens should be legally allowed to dwell in a residential area backyard and how many square feet the backyard should be for people who keep chickens.

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