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You'll Never Believe WHO Obama NOW Blames for Economic Mess

Guest Columnist Jerry Newcombe has his finger on the pulse of the news, sees things others miss, and in today's column,came up with a classic observation as he approaches the keyboard to inform all that Obama has stopped blaming President Bush for putting us into this economic mess!. That in itself is news. But Newcombe takes it further by telling us WHO Obama is NOW blaming. Fasten your seat belts. Rev. Austin Miles-Host.

George Roller
Guest Comumnist Jerry Newcombe

So, It's All Jesus' Fault?  By Jerry Newcombe

How well is President Obama doing on fixing the nation's financial crisis? Not very, say most Americans. A Rasmussen poll notes that only 36% of Americans feel the president is doing a good job on the economy.

But now we know who's really to blame for all this---Jesus.

The president spoke about his faith, as a professing Christian, at the National Prayer Breakfast last week, and said that it was Jesus Christ who inspired him to pursue all the big policies that conservatives would argue are hurting our economy.

For example, Obamacare---his centerpiece legislation.

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