Tomorrow Supremes Debate Crosses Removal Plan

A news conference of lawyers and Christian Leaders took place this morning at 11 AM (EST) at the Faith and Action Ministry House in Washington, D.C. to discuss the case coming before the United States Supreme Court tomorrow morning (Wednesday). This is the case the ACLU has been salivating over since its founding. The intention of the case is to force America to tear down all crosses in public view, including crosses in National Cemeteries.

 A lot of thought went into how to pull off this case. The Marxists-atheists went after a cross that has stood for 75 years (without incident) in a remote area of the Mojave Desert as a War Memorial. The ACLU recruited one man to complain about the cross. That is all it took. One complaint from one individual and the case was filed and will now be heard by the Supreme Court to decide if the cross is in violation of the Constitution.

 The constitutionality of a Memorial Cross in tribute to America's fallen heroes must be debated in a court room?....based on a complaint by one person who probably does not even live in the area?  And if the Communists win this case of the little cross that could in the desert, it will pave the way for every visible cross in America to be torn down. That is how law works.

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