David Souter

Bush 41's biggest mistake: David Souter

The United States Supreme Court announced tonight that one of the most left-wing justices on the Supreme Court in decades, David Souter, is retiring from the nation's top court this summer.  Non-court watchers if asked if they knew which president appointed Souter would probably say Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton.  Not even close. 

David Souter, from New Hampshire, was described by former Governor and former presidential chief of staff, John Sununu, now Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party, as a man as conservative as "you and I" when describing him to conservative Americans to reassure them that Souter would vote like Sununu, for example.  Governor Sununu was chiefly responsible for recommending David Souter to the president he worked for, George H. W. Bush.  Mr. Sununu assured President Bush and his fellow conservatives that David Souter would be a "home run" for conservatism.  

If you ask any conservative what was Bush 41's biggest mistake he will --  in the vast majority of cases  --  say "David Souter."  It was even a more gigantic a mistake than Bush 41 breaking his "Read my lips:  no new taxes" pledge in his 1988 presidential campaign.  The reason is, the decisions made by a U.S. Supreme Court justice affect Americans for decades.   

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