death panel

Scarier than a “Death Panel”? Being 65 or Older

Of course, the words ‘Death Panel’ weren’t in Obama’s 2000-word health care plan. The words socialism, aborting, taxing, and redistribution of earned money weren’t in there either. But most Americans know they’re in there.

Obama’s Universal HealthCare won’t give people the option to put people’s relatives to death. At least not yet. It is known by millions what will happen if government-run health care becomes a reality. First, people will be allowed (or the government will do it for them) to euthanize older folks, or generally anyone expected to die in less than six months.

If Universal Healthcare gets voted in, the Obama administration holds every ‘control’ button. With the unsustainably high budget deficit, the government will inevitably make cost-minded judgments about what procedures are ‘worth’ doing, and which are not.

A 2009 interview with Obamacare advocate David Leonhardt (NYT) was quite telling. He specifically mentioned “a very difficult democratic conversation” about the most expensive costs of Medicare. Specifically, those occur during the last 6 months of life.

Take a known comrade who is wheelchair bound with Multiple Sclerosis. He is approaching 55, with a fading memory, and the inability to hold a regular job. The MS is progressing, despite the need for ultra high cost medication. Throw in the need for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), doctor’s visits, and other medications. He is not considered a a valuable member of society.

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