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A photo compilation of some of the biggest news stories of 2012.

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It's NOT the economy stupid

Important Ingredient Missing in the Campaign for President of the United States

Have you noticed that in all the current U.S. presidential campaign oratory, in all the TV debates, and in all the mass media coverage of the campaigns, something has been missing? Yes, one most important subject, one most serious issue has been strangely missing and that missing ingredient is nothing other than Israel!

Of course, the first thing we must ask is, "Why?"  Why is Israel not on the minds of candidates Obama and Romney? Why are they seemingly ignoring one of America's most important foreign policy issues? Why has there been no in-depth mention of Israel in their campaign rhetoric?

State poll numbers and the 2012 presidential map

While all of the attention concerning the 2012 presidential race has been focused on the ongoing Republican primaries and caucuses, the most recent batch of state by state poll numbers from Gallup have received much less attention.  And they don't look good for President Obama.

When you take the current poll numbers regarding Obama's approval rating (e.g., where he has a "net positive" rating), and then assign that state's Electoral College votes on that basis, the result is a 323 to 215 vote blowout, with only 270 being necessary to secure the Presidency.

Of course it is VERY early to be making any predictions.  The election is still about eight months away, and that is several eternities in politics, (especially given how fast things have changed in this cycle).

But it is safe to assume that the Obama campaign would rather that the polling "shoe" be on the other foot at this point, as they are clearly starting out from a position of weakness.




Political Zingers for Election Day--VOTE CAREFULLY!

Rev. Austin Miles
Saturday, October 30, 2010
Political Zingers For Election Day-VOTE CAREFULLY!

Is Christine O’Donnell REALLY dumb as Dems trumpet?  Did Meg Whitman knowingly hire and keep an illegal on her payroll? And of special interest to residents of the California Bay Area, in particular, Contra Costa County—what are the newspapers hiding?
During a political debate with Christine O’Donnell running for the Delaware congressional seat, the question came up from her opponent regarding the Separation of Church and State. Ms. O’Donnell said that the idea of Separation of Church and State was not in the constitution, which prompted cackles,  werewolf howls and clucking from the mainly democrat attendance.  The Dem newspapers crowed that Ms. O’Donnell was a dumbbell who did not know her history or the constitution.  WRONG!
Ms. O’Donnell is absolutely right. The First Amendment erroneously referred to, simply addressed the states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free excercise thereof.”  This protects all from having the government establish and mandate which church is THE church. It goes on to declare that the government could not prohibit the free excercise thereof (of freely carrying out your religious practices). PERIOD.

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It's Election Day!

Today is the day to bring some REAL change to America.

Recent polls show a record number of competitive US House and Senate races...and lots of momentum for conservatives.  And while those reports and VERY encouraging, they are still just opinion polls.  They're not votes.  Yet.

If you haven't done it yet, be sure to go to our 2010 Voter Guide page and download voter guides for your area.  Print, copy and distribute to anyone and everyone you know and help make sure they know where the candidates really stand before they cast their ballot.

We also have a great application that helps you promote voter guides on social networks (Facebook and Twitter), over the next day, to all of your friends AUTOMATICALLY with just 1 status update or 'tweet' over the course of Election Day.

But just one more educated voter can be the difference between victory or defeat for candidates that will actually respect our values and our Constitution.  In other words, every vote counts!


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Use our new Donate Your Status app to help promote voter guides automatically

We have just released a wonderful new tool that we have created that enables everyone to help us spread the word about our 2010 voter guides.

It is our new “Donate Your status” application, and it works with both Facebook and Twitter.

When you use either one of these services, it automatically allows you to “donate” a status update on behalf of our voter guides, one time each week between now and the coming elections. 

You just click the appropriate service logo on our “Donate Your Status” page, and then give our application permission to post the message on your behalf.

That’s it!

Each week, your friends on these networks will see a message from you encouraging them to participate in our voter guide program.  And given the viral nature of Facebook and Twitter, it will help us reach out to hundreds of thousands of other potential pro-family activists, increasing our chances of success.

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Okay...Now What?

On November 4th, a small majority of voters elected Barak Obama as the 44th President of the United States. Mr. Obama was definitely not my choice, and my reasons were many for opposing him. From his position on abortion, to gay marriage to the possibility of changing the makeup of the Supreme Court, his candidacy troubled me greatly, and now after the election I am even more troubled. So what should my response now be according to scripture?


Well, thanks to the many ignorant twenty-somethings who elected him because of his Hollywood “rock star” image and smooth talk, we now have a far left/liberal/socialist/secular progressive running this country of the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, Barbara Boxer, Barney Frank, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Cindy Sheehan.What these young voters do not seem to understand is that the modern Democratic Party is not the same party that was once familiar to their parents and grandparents.When Lyndon Johnson took office in 1963, in order

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God Help Us

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