64th Emmys Toilet Fetish Opening Stunk!

64th Emmys Toilet Fetish Opening Stunk!

Los Angeles : CA : USA | Sep 23, 2012 at 8:26 PM PDT
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64th Emmys Disastrous Opening

64th Emmy's Toilet Fetish Opening Stunk!
by Rev. Austin Miles

West Coast Library's Grand Opening a WOW With a Magic Touch

For a writer, the opening of a new library is always a happy occasion. Especially when it does so with a magic touch, as presented by prestidigitator Timothy James, a tall, slim man with a distinctive sculptured face that instantly draws you to him as a confident man who knows exactly what he is doing. So you settle back expectantly from the instant he walks in the room where he makes the impossible possible.

Possessing a great sense of humor and in full command of his audience, it is no wonder that he has become so popular.  The room for his Saturday Jan.29th show was quickly jam-packed with both adults and kids. The seats quiclky filled up. Those who didn’t get a chair lined up across the entire back wall and sides

James has built quite a following in Northern California with his library shows, kids shows, trade shows, corporate events, comedy clubs, shipboard cruises. He is also involved in the California Magic Dinner Theatre in Martinez, California. He will be performing there the first week in March. To say he is a top notch entertainer does not do him justice. He is far more than that.

For example, using just a piece of rope, he held the audience spellbound for over 15 minutes with incredible effects that left audience members with dropped jaws. While this performance was billed for kids, the adults including this one, were every bit as flabbergasted, amazed, dumbfounded and even laughing out loud no matter what had been on their mind when they came in. This of course defines a true entertainer.

Fed-up Audiences Flock to Family/Faith Based Films-Grizzly Adams Productions Leads the Pack and Why

A change has indeed taken place since Obama took over The Oval Office, but it was not a change that we can thank Him for. This change evolved naturually as Hollywood noticed they had to work harder to capture patrons. Even though their product was becoming more and more 'sensational' with seductions, adultry, perversion, drugs, and nudity, as buildings, cars and houses are being blown apart around them accompanied by toilet vulgarity. This artifically sweetened fare, which only increase appetite made audiences demand even more sensationalism and kinky sex, while leaving them less satisfied with the explicit fare they were being served.

It is like the womanizer who wanders from woman to woman and instead of gaining more enjoyment of sex, becomes bored with it to the point that nobody really satisfies him any more, totally destroying the joy and unspeakable ecstasy he could have had with his wife. He wanted it all and wound up with nothing, which belongs to the school of Life's Logic.

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