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Advisory! Obama NOT President Until January 21


Obama Expecting To Lose in 2012, But Return in 2016?

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Costumed revelers on Frenchmen Street, New Orleans Mardi Gras Day.


Many advance indicators show Republicans winning the presidential nod in November. But it’s likely Obama has his eyes on the presidency in 2016. A loss shortly, but the possibility of rebound in 2016, is what the doctor ordered for Obama’s hopes.

Now, the economy is tanking—big time. The deficit has already exceeded $16 trillion.

One of hundreds of military situational indicators is SNAFU—something that aptly describes Obamacare--a major SNAFU.

This presidency has been described as starting out with SNAFU, but started going TARFUN soon after, and was totally FUBAR before long.

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