Fairness Doctrine


Regretfully, things are seldom the way they should, and much less as we
would ideally like them to be. Therefore, if we want to resolve a
problem we have no other choice but facing it head on, even if we have
to pinch sensitive nerves focusing on the taboo issues that invariably annoy our sacred cows and their interests.

Digging into my elephant's memory I recalled the last few months of George Bush Father's campaign
for the Republican nomination. Although he never used this slogan, it
was very popular among his not-so-conservative followers: "We've got to stop Governor Reagan because he's too conservative". Remember?

Regardless, Ronal Reagan wisely united the Party appointing Bush as his running mate. Remember?

Fairness Doctrine by another method

Acting Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman, and former Democrat appointee to the commission, Michael Copps -- who has, in the past, been supportive of tough broadcaster fines for violation of indecency laws -- recently came out and stated that the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" is long gone and "it's not coming back".

As columnist Brent Bozell has pointed out to the acting FCC chairman and the other members of the FCC in the past, there are some very prominent power-brokers in Washington D.C. who have actually called for the return of this unconstitutional, anti-First Amendment policy.  These include the Speaker of the House of Representatives - Nancy Pelosi, the House Majority Leader - Steny Hoyer, former President - Bill Clinton, Senate Majority Leader - Harry Reid, and a host of other left-wing Democrats.   

Of course, these Democrat leaders are egged on by their comrades in the "Old Media" who have hated losing their monopoly on what is news or not, such as the "New York Times" with its slogan "All the News Which is Fit to Print."  Before the Internet and weblogs, extremely popular conservative talk radio challenged their monopolistic status in providing news to the American people.  Virtually every liberal talk show host has failed in this country because Americans can always listen to CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN if they want news with a left-wing slant.  Hence the push by liberals for the "Fairness Doctrine."   

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Diversity as the "new" Fairness Doctrine?

It's become quite clear now what Obama and the Democrat's strategy was (and is) on the Fairness Doctrine - turn down the volume and deny that's what you really want, while you work to repackage it under a new name.

The "New" Fairness Doctrine?

So what name will the new version of "fairness" operate under?  Diversity.  Or "diversity of ownership", if you prefer.

Just last week, the Senate passed an amendment sponsored by SC Senator Jim DeMint that would prohibit the FCC from reinstituting the Fairness Doctrine, while at the same time approving an amendment by IL Democrat Dick Durbin that would instruct the FCC to promote policies that foster more "minority ownership" in broadcasting.  (Of course the House hasn't weighed in on this yet)

Democrats Continue to Threaten Censoring of Popular Talk Show Host via the "Fairness Doctrine"

Democrats continue to threaten the abolition of radio talk show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham by passing legislation bringing back the misnamed "Fairness Doctrine"


Left-wing Senator Debbie Stabenow, Democrat from Michigan, was reported in yesterday's "The Politico" newspaper on Capitol Hill to want to bring "accountability" to the public airwaves, whether it's called the Fairness Standard [sic]" or "whether it's called something else." Last year, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, San Francisco Democrat Nancy Pelosi, said that the "Fairness Doctrine" needed to be addressed in Congress. The question for Pelosi and Stabenow is, will their "Fairness Doctrine" applied to radio talk show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham also be applied to the left-wing television news networks such as NBC, CBS and ABC?

Look to the Future

Before Ronald Reagan took office the fairness doctrine was already in place and was used to help control the conservative movement in check.  Remember at this point in time people like Rush Limbaugh did not dominate the nations airwaves as is the case today.  But when Reagan was able to defeat this legislation the door cracked open and we as conservatives have not looked back. 

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Fairness Doctrine Version 2.0

We've all heard about the possibility of the federal government getting involved in controlling the airwaves and dictating exactly what kind of speech can be broadcast and to exactly what degree, by way of the Fairness Doctrine. To the greatest degree, most of the press has been given to this movement's efforts to regulate the airwaves on television and the radio to ensure that 'equal time' is given to 'both sides' of every issue.

But, as is pointed out by Jeff Poor of The Business & Media Institute, those efforts to dictate content could even go so far as controlling the messages embodied within websites of various causes, as well!

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