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With friends like US, who needs enemies?

Little mention has been made in the media about John Kerry’s attempt to smooth over Obama’s political blunder when he failed to participate, or send a representative to participate, in France’s massive anti-terror march a little more than a week ago in Paris. 

President Obama, No Biblical Confirmation of Palestinian State on Israeli Soil

The land was deeded to Israel in an eternal covenant by the eternal G-d, the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  When will the Christian nation of America with its professed Christian president stop pushing Israel in a direction that is contrary to G-d’s Word?  Nothing in G-d’s Word says there will ever be a Palestinian state on Israeli soil.  Seeking an answer to the above question, I forwarded a letter to President Barak Obama and I’d like to share that letter with those who follow my writings.  The fact is that the Eternal

G-d of the universe made an eternal covenant with Israel for the land of Israel and not with the Palestinians. 


Important Ingredient Missing in the Campaign for President of the United States

Have you noticed that in all the current U.S. presidential campaign oratory, in all the TV debates, and in all the mass media coverage of the campaigns, something has been missing? Yes, one most important subject, one most serious issue has been strangely missing and that missing ingredient is nothing other than Israel!

Of course, the first thing we must ask is, "Why?"  Why is Israel not on the minds of candidates Obama and Romney? Why are they seemingly ignoring one of America's most important foreign policy issues? Why has there been no in-depth mention of Israel in their campaign rhetoric?

The Vatican

I have to admit great shock at finding NOTHING about this issue anywhere on this site ( Did I simply miss something, somewhere ?)

This whole issue of the Vatican having stepped forth to advocate the pursuit of a "New World Financial Order"

Anyone who does NOT see this for what it is is stumbling around with blinders on.

I have sent an e-mail to the Vatican itself, stating my intent to pursue the very dismantling of the Vatican as an entity.

( No response)

I have contacted ( in vain, of course ) certain members of the media with this issue.

( Ridiculous responses, when responses were received)

Three of those are all members of the Associated Baptist Press. No response has been forthcoming.

What, is everyone too cowardly to stand up against the Vatican ?

Those who refuse to rise up against evil are as guilty of it as Satan himself.


I come bearing a sword.

Where are those who profess to love Jesus ?

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Be Careful What You Wish For

Sometimes it's interesting to get a perspective from the outside-in, with regards to the many issues our nation faces on the international front.

That is exactly what is presented in today's UK Daily Mail Online as it pertains to President-elect Obama's tough job ahead in terms of American foreign policy.

With barely time to savour his triumph, Barack Obama has been confronted with various international crises to test his mettle.

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