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2nd Amendment WINS in Liberal State

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Rising Legal Star Richard Lee

by Rev. Austin Miles

SPOKANE, Washington 5/16/14--Pastor and Attorney, Richard Lee, is not one to blink an eye at powerful opposition from the left as he defends Constitutional Rights. Indeed, his law practice (www. specializes in that very subject, defending the rights of those caught in Constitutional spider webs.

BOOK REVIEW: Restricting Freedoms

BOOK REVIEW: Restricting Freedoms

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Explosive Book-Jefferson's Slave Children Paternity a Lie!


Book Review by Rev. Austin Miles

Sally Hemings, a slave girl in the Thomas Jefferson household is regarded in the history books of today more than the Founding Fathers. Why? Because of the intentional misrepresentation forged during that time by yellow journalist James T. Callender and repeatedly published all over America.

Communism insists that Capitalism be destroyed, along with all prominent leaders and the very history of America.

Should Americans Re-elect Obama?

The first question would be: Has life been better since Obama took office? A cable news program posed this question among random people on the streets of America. The majority of the answers were 'No, things are worse."
Obama's term in office has been wrought with disturbances, distractions and questions from the start.
The trust that a nation should have for it's president was immediately thwarted when Obama refused to present a valid birth certificate showing that he was born in America, as well as other papers that would account for his earlier years including college or university transcripts.
Not only did he refuse to provide them but spent over a million dollars to a law firm to block access to any of his papers. That created overwhelming suspicion of his entire White House occupation.
Making matters worse, according to information provided by Bob Boyd, host of the national radio program, Issues in Education, it was shown that he had several social security cards, one being from Connecticut where he never lived.

Jerry Newcombe Sings 'Away WITH The Manger?'

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Jerry Newcombe Sings 'Away WITH The Manger?'


Rev. Austin Miles

George Roller

Guest Jerry Newcombe Defends The Faith

Obama's New Bus to Throw America Under--Part 3

An ominous long black bus is driving across America. While some have complained about the dark color, it is entirely appropriate for The One inside who is very much a merchant of doom. In a short time he has almost pushed America off the cliff. He and his Communist handlers do not intend for it to be "almost."

Obama claims that this bus ride was simply to meet, mingle and listen to the people. Residue of a bull! Truth be known (unique in this administration), this trip IS a campaign trip to ramp up his charisma and smooth speaking abiity to try to woo and persuade the country to keep him in The Oval Office, even though The One denied that this was the purpose.

The bus cost $1.2 million and, now get this, was made in Canada! And who is paying for all of this? Us. The taxpayers. While it is convenient to have his own bus to throw America under, at our expense, it might also be beneficial for him to get used to riding a bus as he may be riding a city bus in the future.

Obama is attempting to steer America away from all the principles set forth by the Founding Fathers. Especially the inclusion of God in the affairs of government and the country. With the Founder's relationship with God, the new country quickly rose to economic success, power and had the respect of the world. And America had never been attacked by a foreign nation.

MilesEye View of 4th of July--Feature Commentary

Our Founding Fathers had a vision of a country where the people would be the government, putting in political leaders to carry out the will of the people. The government was to be for the people, not to dictate to the people.

A boat load of pilgrims sailed the ocean under primitive conditions and unpredictable circumstances, risking all to leave the oppression of Europe to find a land where they could be free to worship God and to live in a land where they could choose their own future, not having their future determined for them.

Such a place would be worth risking all to reach. They put themselves, their families, and all life's possiblitiles on the line.

When America gained its independance from England, the newly formed government astonished the world as it watched America grow in strength, wealth and power in such a short time.

George Washington said, "It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible."

In 1892, the Supreme Court of the United States declared, "These and many other matters which might be noticed, add a volume of unofficial declarations to the mass of organic utterances that this is a Christian nation."

Indeed, during the Revolutionary War, Congress imported 20,000 copies of the Bible because "the use of the Bible is so universal, and its importance so great..."

Gavel! This case is settled.

HOWEVER, the Communist Party lost no time in trying to take away the success of a free country and turn it into one of their satellite states living under slavery.

Traditional Conservative Beliefs

(Author’s note:  this originated as an information page on my website.  I decided to post it as an “essay” after receiving repeated inquiries from folks who had not seen the info page and wondered what exactly is a “traditional conservative?”)

Traditional Conservatives – some call us Old Right or Paleo-Conservatives – could be thought of as the closest intellectual, moral, and political living kin of America's Founding Fathers.  That is not to say we yearn for the past; rather, that we understand history is much more than ancient facts or ideas.  History is, in reality, a roadmap to the future.

Keep Your Eye on the Tiger

Keep your eye on Tiger, because they are stealing are nation..

I am thoroughly exhausted, and at wits end, some one tell me this is a joke. Have you had the misfortune to understand just what stands between us and a radical new Marxist regime? A government that is free to tax us into slavery, defile our God, murder millions of innocent lives at the tax payer expense, euthanize our elderly, forfeit our monetary resources to third world countries, and teach our children that gay debauchery is as natural as witchcraft and mother Earth? John Baner, Michael Steele, John McCain, Newt Gingrich? Sorry, but none of these career politicians have me feeling warm and fuzzy inside, right from their suit and ties down to their typified Washington speak. I mad as heck! I am frustrated as heck! I want some one representing us who can cut through the PC jargon and convey the fact that we are tired of the lies, we are not stupid, and we've had enough!


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