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Left-wing activist judge is Obama's first judicial pick

If there was any doubt that Barack Obama intends to turn the federal judiciary into a left-wing activist one, those doubts were put to rest in Obama's decision today to appoint as his first judicial nominee, David Frank Hamilton, a judicial activist judge hostile to Christianity and a radical on abortion. Hamilton was nominated to the 7th United States Circuit Court of Appeals.

In 1994, Bill Clinton nominated Hamilton to be a federal judge on the United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana and he was confirmed by the Senate by the Democrat-controlled Senate. Even the liberal American Bar Association gave Hamilton a "not qualified" rating at the time. And this is the guy who Obama chose for his first judicial nominee to the next highest court under the United States Supreme Court.

In an obvious, and successful, attempt to impress the next liberal Democrat president, Hamilton in 2005 ruled that the Indiana state legislature could not begin their sessions with Christian prayers. An appeals court overruled his judicial activist decision. Of course, the infamous ACLU had brought the lawsuit before Judge Hamilton, figuring he was an easy mark. Obama's first judicial nominee in his decision said that invocations must not use names such as Jesus Christ or Christian terminology such as savior. And by the way, Hamilton was a board member of the ACLU in Indiana.

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