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Washington, DC Council votes to recognize gay marriage

Just last week, gay marriages were held in Iowa by edict of that state's supreme court.  A few days later the New Hampshire state Senate passed a gay marriage bill by one vote.  And Vermont legalized gay marriage a few weeks ago.  Now comes the District of Columbia.

And while we've watched as liberal judges demanded that marriage be redefined, and we've seen liberal politicians use slim majorities to change the definition of the oldest, most fundamental institution in the world, we haven't seen a demand for this radical transformation of marriage by the American people.  Quite the opposite.  In fact, in the over thirty states where the legal definition of marriage has been on the ballot in recent years, voters in each state have agreed that it should be exclusively defined as the union of one man and one woman.

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Liberal Vermont clergy members advocating gay marriage

It seems that over one-hundred and eighty clergy members of nine different deonominations in Vermont have made a public declaration of their support for gay marriage in that state.  This move is just in advance of consideration of a gay marriage bill by that state's Senate Judiciary Committee.

Currently, Vermont already has gay "civil unions", (the first state in the country to allow the practice), but that's not enough for these guys.  They've decided that it such an important issue that it's necessary for them to come out from behind the pulpits and stand up for calling evil good - and demand that the state sanction it

San Diego firefighters win lawsuit over gay-pride parade

Some good news (and common sense) out of California this week.  A jury ruled that a group of firefighters rights were violated when they were forced to participate in a 2007 San Diego gay pride parade.

The firefighters were ordered to participate over their objections, and drive a city fire truck in the parade - being subjected to explicit advances and obscenities along the way.  A jury saw things their way, deciding that their rights had been violated.

A jury of eight women and four men deliberated for 2½ days and found that the firefighters, who were ordered to ride a fire engine in San Diego's 2007 homosexual parade, were sexually harassed by homosexual participants and spectators. ...

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Polygamist tries to use gay marriage laws as a defense

You knew this would eventually happen.  As soon as people start to play around with the definition of marriage itself, sooner or later someone would try and use that re-definition as a precedent to justify behavior that takes it even further.

The current example comes from Canada, which legalized gay marriage this past year.

The lawyer for one of two B.C. men accused of practising polygamy is planning to invoke Canada's gay marriage laws as part of his defence arguments.

Blair Suffredine, who's representing Bountiful resident Winston Blackmore, says they'll be making the argument that the Canadian definition of marriage, which includes same-sex couples, should then also include multiple partners. ...

The landmark cases against Blackmore, 52, and James Oler, 44, which will determine whether polygamy practised in the name of religion is legal in Canada, began Wednesday. ...

Blackmore, the spiritual leader to about 500 people in the community about 700 kilometres east of Vancouver, made it clear after his court appearance that he's not disputing that he is a polygamist.

Ireland passes heterosexuals only adoption bill

Every now and then you come across some good news in the ongoing culture war.  Today it comes from Ireland, and their new adoption bill that mandates that only married, heterosexual couples are elligible to adopt children. 

DUBLIN, February 11, 2009 ( - Newly published adoption legislation introduced by Ireland's Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Barry Andrews, unequivocally states that all aspects of a child's adoption must "take place in the best interests of the child and with respect for his or her fundamental rights as recognized under international law."

In light of this the bill has no provisions for permitting adoption by same-sex couples or other cohabiting individuals, a fact that has homosexual activists up in arms, who are calling on Ireland to follow the example of Britain and Scotland in allowing homosexual adoption.  ...

Under the Bill, adopting parents must be married and living together, will have to show they are of good moral character, are healthy and have adequate financial means to support the child, before their adoption is approved. The couple must also show that they understand and support the child's needs in relation to ethnic, religious and cultural background.

Gay marriage crowd protests Rick Warren's church

Surprise, surprise.  Rick Warren's church gets protested...

Gay rights supporters marched outside the church of evangelical pastor Rick Warren, protesting his selection as an inauguration speaker.

About 100 protesters waved rainbow flags Sunday and voiced their displeasure at Warren for his opposition to gay marriage and at President-elect Barack Obama for choosing him to give the invocation at Tuesday's ceremony.

John Einsohn, one of the protest's organizers, tells the Orange County Register that Warren "preaches intolerance while pretending to be a friend of the gay community."

Uh, huh.  See how they're defining "intolerance" down?  As in, it can now be defined as simply being opposed to gay marriage.

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PA Marriage Amendment

I have e-mailed all of the government and state senators and represenatives (via PA. for Marriage web site) asking them to protect marriage between a husband and a wife . I received one personal response from Daylin Leach (PA. State Represenative) as follows:

Thank you for your E-mail. Unfortunately, we are going to have to agree to disagree on this one. I believe that we should do for gay couples what we do for straight couples, namely encourage them to enter permanent, stable, monogamous and legally-recognized relationships. It is only by allowing gay and lesbian couples full and equal marriage rights will we begin to erase the stain of discrimination they have lived under. Thank you again for taking the time to E-mail me.... Daylin

Traditional marriage supporter assualted in California

As mentioned previously, the folks supporting passage of the state marriage amendment in California, (proposition 8), which would define marriage as one man and one woman, have gained a good bit of momentum and support in the past several weeks...and their opposition has actually been helpful.

Well now we see some in the pro gay-marriage crowd are actually turning violent as they get desperate.  From OneNewsNow:

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Marriage amendment campaign gains steam in California

Although social/cultural issues are getting little (if any) attention whatsoever in the current presidential election, the campaign to defend traditional marriage rolls on in California, Florida (likely to pass) and Arizona this year via proposed state constitutional amendments.

To date, such amendments have passed over 30 states with an average of about 70% of the vote, only failing in one state (in Arizona in 2006 by a few points, largely due to a poorly drafted amendment).

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California first graders take field trip to gay wedding

With the vote on the California state marriage amendment just three weeks away, it's nice of the proponents of gay marriage to give the voters of that state another stark reminder of just what they could be in for if gay marriage remains legal in that state. Via Protect Marriage:

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