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California outlaws "bride" and "groom"

Well, you may have wondered how long this was going to take. First, a one vote majority of the California Supreme Court (4-3) votes to legalize gay marriage in that state, and now the state begins to issue politically correct marriage licenses that not only make no reference to gender, but refuse to allow recognition of either "party" as "bride" or "groom".

From World Net Daily:

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Obama on Gay Rights--What he Did Not Tell Pastor Rick Warren's Church

This has got to be the biggest story in this election cycle that has
NOT been told yet. Most Americans seem unaware that Senator Obama
endorses an extreme homosexual rights agenda. For the most part, the
only groups that seem to be aware of this are the gays. Try a simple
Google search for "Obama LGBT Rights" and you'll see what I mean.
Dozens of gay groups, including some with large followings, are openly
celebrating Obama's candidacy, while many conservative, pro-family or
Christian organizations are seemingly unaware of Obama's stand on these

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