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Capitol Hill Update: Even Liberal Maine May Join 30 States Outlawing Homosexual "Marriage"


The "Washington Times" reported last week that the governor of Maine, John Baldacci, has signed a formal proclamation putting the state's homosexual "marriage" law up for a vote this November.  Since it is an off-congressional election year, there is a good chance that those committed to traditional marriage between one man and one woman will prevail as traditional values voters have in 30 other states so far.  

The state constitutional amendments banning homosexual "marriage" in those 30 states have passed overwhelmingly by an average margin of 70% approval, including the liberal states of Hawaii, Oregon and California.  The Maine legislature has passed a law approving homosexual "marriage."  However, the procedure called the People's Veto enables the citizens of Maine to override their state legislators.    

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Obama Begins Work to Repeal DOMA

Word came out yesterday that the Obama Administration has filed court papers declaring that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) discriminates against homosexuals.

As reported by Concerned Women for America, a Department of Justice official, Tracy Schmaier, called the DOMA "discriminatory" because it "prevents equal rights and benefits."

Of course. How dare they say that marriage is only between a man and a woman? If a man and a woman can do something, then by golly two men or two women have the right to call their confumacious coupling the same thing, have it recognized as marriage and be awarded the exact same benefits of all married couples.

Nope, you can't exclude anybody from anything. If a boy wants to play Alice in Wonderland, he should have that right. Boys have the right to be a prom queen if they so desire or anything else that anybody else does. And people should be able to use any bathroom that they like. That is the only way to have a just society.

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Obama changes federal regulations on gay benefits

This week, Obama announced that he is changing government regulations to begin extending federal benefits to the partners of gay federal employees - which will essentially treats them like married couples.  According to the details, gay and lesbian partners of federal employees will be given access to health care benefits, financial benefits and relocation fees.  And of course this comes after Obama declared June to be "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month".

Obama's actions come after he received letters from prominent gay-rights groups, complaining that he had not done enough for them.

Then there was the decision this week by the Washington DC Board of Elections to reject the request of a coalition of black ministers to allow voters in the nation's capital to vote on overturning the City Council's recent decision to begin giving official recognition to gay marriages performed in other states.  They claimed the vote could lead to "discrimination".

This comes the same week that a new CBS News poll found that support for gay marriage has dropped by nine points in the last two months to only 33%.

Clearly the majority of the American people are opposed to gay marriage.  But the politicians in Washington have to hear from you.

Speak out by clicking here and joining the campaign to defend traditional marriage today!


Washington, DC Council votes to recognize gay marriage

Just last week, gay marriages were held in Iowa by edict of that state's supreme court.  A few days later the New Hampshire state Senate passed a gay marriage bill by one vote.  And Vermont legalized gay marriage a few weeks ago.  Now comes the District of Columbia.

And while we've watched as liberal judges demanded that marriage be redefined, and we've seen liberal politicians use slim majorities to change the definition of the oldest, most fundamental institution in the world, we haven't seen a demand for this radical transformation of marriage by the American people.  Quite the opposite.  In fact, in the over thirty states where the legal definition of marriage has been on the ballot in recent years, voters in each state have agreed that it should be exclusively defined as the union of one man and one woman.

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Hawaii Christian Coalition state chairman fighting for traditional marriage in Hawaii

Hawaii is embroiled in a heated debate regarding HB444; a bill designed to give Gays and Lesbians the same rights as Hetorosexual couples.

The Hawaii Christian Coalition believes this bill is a stepping stone to legalizing same sex marriage and same sex education in our school system. This bill easily passed through the House Judiciary Committee as it was sponsored by Gay Legislator Blake Oshiro and the public had only 2 days of notice before the hearing.

Outrage has filled the Christian community as well as the general populace who voted overwhelmingly by 70 to 30 % to deny same sex marrige in Hawaii. A rally in opposition to House Bill 444 was organized on a sunday at our State Capitol and 8,000 signatures were gathered in opposition with a crowd of 10,000 to 12,000 in attendance.

The opposition called for a rally in support the next day with approximately 50 in attendance. When the bill reached the Senate Judiciary a few days later the committee deadlocked 3-3.With the bill seemingly stalled in committee, the State Senate President,Colleen Hanabusa with the approval of House Judiciary Chair,Brian Taniguchi is threatening to pull it out of committee.

Total arrogance and indifference to public opposition and complete disregard for our Legislative process have these legislators elected by the people.

The Hawaii Christian Coalition is calling upon the general public to make your voices heard by calling or emailing your elected officials in your district.

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Liberal Vermont clergy members advocating gay marriage

It seems that over one-hundred and eighty clergy members of nine different deonominations in Vermont have made a public declaration of their support for gay marriage in that state.  This move is just in advance of consideration of a gay marriage bill by that state's Senate Judiciary Committee.

Currently, Vermont already has gay "civil unions", (the first state in the country to allow the practice), but that's not enough for these guys.  They've decided that it such an important issue that it's necessary for them to come out from behind the pulpits and stand up for calling evil good - and demand that the state sanction it

Polygamist tries to use gay marriage laws as a defense

You knew this would eventually happen.  As soon as people start to play around with the definition of marriage itself, sooner or later someone would try and use that re-definition as a precedent to justify behavior that takes it even further.

The current example comes from Canada, which legalized gay marriage this past year.

The lawyer for one of two B.C. men accused of practising polygamy is planning to invoke Canada's gay marriage laws as part of his defence arguments.

Blair Suffredine, who's representing Bountiful resident Winston Blackmore, says they'll be making the argument that the Canadian definition of marriage, which includes same-sex couples, should then also include multiple partners. ...

The landmark cases against Blackmore, 52, and James Oler, 44, which will determine whether polygamy practised in the name of religion is legal in Canada, began Wednesday. ...

Blackmore, the spiritual leader to about 500 people in the community about 700 kilometres east of Vancouver, made it clear after his court appearance that he's not disputing that he is a polygamist.

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