The Truth of Global Warming; Are We Doomed For Man's Inaction?

The Bible makes it clear that we humans are to tend the garden as he instructed Adam and Eve. We must take care of the Earth we occupy. Man has been so lax, so careless, that we are now in danger of making the earth uninhabitable.

It all started with the Industrial Revolution. When the first factories were built in Germany, they were built next to the pristine rivers so that waste from those factories could be dumped directly in those rivers, providing great convenience for the factory barons. What could they expect? Certainly not that the waters would remain pure and healthy. That was not their focus or even concern.

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Who is the way, who can help the world out of this crisis, who know the real need of the world today? the world prefer the world instead of the creative word, who is JESUS CHRIST the son of most hight God. jesus is the way the truth and life.who can supply all our need and give of the peace that the world is looking for is jesus christ. nations of the world have gather yet they can not find common solution to what the world real need. who can give the world what she really need is the creator of the world. let the world leaders swallow tgheir pride, for they believed that they have what the people need and at the end of the day they fail for they fail to recognice the one who owns everything and who knows the way out of the world problems and needs. God is the way. untill the world recongise their maker than we acn be able to ahve access to peace and joy. SHALOM

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