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Welfare "Clients" Pour Millions Into Election-WHAT?

Welfare "Clients" Pour Millions Into Election-WHAT?

Los Angeles : CA : USA | Oct 09, 2012 at 12:50 PM PDT
No Thank You
No Thank You !

by Rev. Austin Miles

On Religion and Climate Change

Religion and Climate Change

Washington : DC : USA | Apr 20, 2012 at 6:39 PM PDT

Jupiter Gives a Prelude to Global Warming

Exoplanet (for astronomers) is simply any planet not in this solar system.  Are any in that “goldilocks zone”, which give the capability of harboring life as we know it? Can we even see it, given its immense distance?

One must define “goldilocks zone” properly: [Habitable zone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ].  That zone is considered the habitable area just far enough away from its sun, where it’s warm enough life can flourish, but not too cold to freeze water.

Astronomer Michael Hart’s computer simulations describe a habitable planet in the “goldilocks zone”. Its orbit must be almost circular, and must make the right sized orbit. Calculations indicate a 5% smaller orbit point to a runaway “greenhouse effect”, or a 1% larger orbit would have resulted in a glacier effect—the freezing of all oceans.  

The solar system must be free of large planets with elliptical orbits, which would eject or destroy other planets. Large planets with circular orbits are needed to clear out rogue asteroids that would strike inner planets much more frequently.

Clandestine Cause of Global Warming

Natural cycles ALWAYS change climate. One of the biggest cycles is the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO). It shifts from warm to cold every 20-30 years, or on an inter-decadal time scale. This is directly related to sea surface temperature. The PDO’s temperature variance over more than 100 years can be viewed in the graph below. A common thread to PDO and climate is unmistakable.                       Both graphs below are from Wikipedia.

Observed monthly values for the PDO (1900–2010).



Even though the Atlantic is a significantly smaller body of water than the Pacific, it has similar effects on climate. It has what is typically known as the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO). It has a quasi-cycle of warm to cold every ~70 years. Both the PDO and AMO are directly affected by other natural cycles.

Commentary: Presstitutes Sabotage America by Misinformation

The dust had not even settled from the recent terror bombing in Norway before the presstitutes were at their keyboards disciminating propaganda to further their cause by immediately identifying the bomber, Anders Behring Breivik, as a Christian.

The ever faithful New York Times assigned scribbler Steven Erlanger (yes, scribbler NOT journalist) to put it on the front pages headlined, "Norway Charges Terror Suspect." In the second paragraph of the yarn Erlanger described Breivik as "a gun-loving highly religious Norwegian."

Then in the next paragraph The Gray Lady Presstitute quotes a source; "What we know is that he is right-wing and a Christian fundamentalist."

The entire story is peppered with references to "right-wing groups," ‘Conservative Party,' "anti-Islamic right,' and even more loaded, "This is right-wing domestic terrorism."

Sally Quinn of The Washington Post didn't do much better, proclaiming that Beivik is a Christian and insisted upon that label on the O'Reilly Factor last evening. Then somehow Timothy McVeigh was brought into the discussion who the scribblers also labeled a Christian.

Of course, the biggest obstacle to the Marxists who would take over our country is the church. They know that Christian people will not and cannot be enslaved. This creates a problem for the democratic party which advances Marxism and Communism which can only go so far with the church standing in the way.

MilesTones-Saturday Night Special--Latest Video--The Dotted Lines

Woke up this morning thinking about how America is being led by the nose to a sink hole. Then a sudden thawt! On this date, April 10 in 1912 the RMS Titanic set sail on it's maiden voyage from Southhampton, England, with the boast that 'the Titanic could never be sunk.'  Spooky similarity!. Also today, with still some remnants of the flu left, and being declared to no longer pose a threat to the public and considered fit to be released back into society, managed to tape three MVCC Oakley Newcasts. This is the link to one of those taped today, a 5 minute true story about a surfer's bonding with a whale and an unusual answer to prayer:
The Dotted Lines

MilesTones To Start The New Week

 Mark Ye Your Calendars. Tomorrow evening, January 26, 2010.  The Great Chicken Trail of Brentwood will be heard before the Brentwood City Council Meeting at 7 PM. The defendants, Henny and Penny, the hens that became famous when a neighbor complained about them, will be there in person er in chicken?  MilesTones will be there to speak in de-fence of the Scriptures Controversy, Screen Actors Guild..uh..program? Global Warming...Swine Flu...Obama and more...

The Dotted Lines: Hawaii recently set aside a day to honor the birth of Obama, wherever that is. Unlike other holidays of honor, they didn't close the banks, since The One has been closing them Himself ever since He was put in office....interesting headline caught recently in Irish Central: "6 of 10 Richest People in Ireland Are Bankrupt." How's that again?...The London Mail reports that if pregnant women eat eggs, the child they give birth to will be more intelligent. When Henny and Penny (the hens fighting eviction from a residential neighborhood), heard this report they clucked, "Of course."  This might come up at their trial tomorrow to show that they make a solid contribution to society..and please don't think we are conceited...but our reports about the chickens has been nominated for a Pullet-zer Prize.

MilesTones Saturday Night Special-Global Warming-No Pants Subway Day-Sex Ed-Gore's Oscar and More

Brrr! Al Gore's Global Warming is about to freeze us to death. Even hearty Germans are shivering in the the coldest climate seen in 25 years. All of Florida is freezing. Yes, Ireland and Scotland too. But not to worry. Gore's global tax supporters in the scientific community have issued a statement that the chilling temperatures and record snow falls are directly connected to the effects of global warming. (!)  That should clear things up.

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MilesTones-Saturday Night Special-Newsfluffs--Tiger--Copenhagen

We begin tonight's MilesTones with a story on page A10 in today's East County Times (California), which tells about a homeowner's dilemma. The photo caption says this: "A gate to the Peppertree subdivision is locked. The developer abandoned the project after some moved in. Donna Pringle and her dog, Fiona, play in front of A LOCKED CLUBHOUSE THAT HAS BEEN LOCKED." (!) That's about as definite as you can get. 

Another news classic was published by the Times this past Wednesday (pg.AA2), headlined; "Man Pleads Guilty in Motorcycle Crash Case." The astonishing report states: "A Sausalito man pleaded guilty Tuesday in a drunken motorcycle crash that ejected him and his girlfiend from Orinda onto a San Rafael freeway onramp." How's that again?

Figuring the crash occurred at the city lines, a map was checked which shows that the cities are miles apart. They must have hit pretty hard to fly through the air at that distance and then land on concrete. Bet that hurt! Since they were both sloshed, maybe not.

It took several reads to finally understand that the dutiful reporter was attempting to inform us that the girlfriend was FROM Orinda. It's back to journalism school for those writers at The Times.

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