Is God Through with Israel?

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Will Silent Majority Remain Silent?

This is a question resonating throughout and within the Evangelical Christian community.  Is it possible, they ask, that God is sitting on the sidelines as a result of America’s practice of complacency, apathy and immorality? One thing is for certain, America is starting to resemble the great civilizations past that fell not as a result of war but from rotting within because they elected to eat, drink and be merry and rebel against God.

Why Does The World Hate the Jews?

Why do so many people in the world hate the Jews? Why is there so much anti-Semitism in the world? Why do so many nations seem to despise Israel? What is the cause of all this negative prejudice? What is the root of all this deep-seated hatred?

I think the answer is plain and clear. The answer is God.

Democrats Upset with USCCB President Dolan's Convocation

Pope Pius IX surrounded by clergy members of the Papal Court.


Last Speech of 2012 DNC

What people rarely want to see is the closing convocation at the end of the Democrat National Convention (DNC)? How many saw Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York’s 5 minute concluding speech? John Bender, a seminarian from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, seems to put things best in his response to the myriad of responders [One Nation Under God: A Response to an Article Written by the Huffington Post About Cardinal Dolan].

It's NOT the economy stupid

New World Order / End Game

I myself, was dumb founded by this concept of the New World Order. I said to myself, how can it be done, how can the few control the many ?

Planned Parenthood on Sex-Selective Abortion / Little Girls Must Die -On Video Tape

A OPINION / Death Sex And Vampires

 It would seem that in my opinion, that this Gay Rights movement see's no respect to children or to what God and Country is all about. It would seem to my opinion, that if Gays wish to be seen, then go ahead and get your self logged into that box created by Government Officials just for Gays. Government officials state they support you, but is it just to get the vote....?

A OPINION / Death Sex And Vampires



Haejeon Jessica Lee

The 13Th Warrior

Most of us reach in to share, we seek a connection within the Net. We look for the one that so many states he is there. It is not so much as for a search for God, its a person, who has the ability through just words that will change things in America.


The 13Th Warrior

a F.A,S,C. Concept News Release

by Henry Massingale

May 15, 2012


 So many have asked me to help, they say I have a gift, and I have changed this Matrix of The Net. I am not Neo from the move the Matrix, but if I could be him to undo all this wrong we see I would.

I Have This Scared Little Health Care Bug In My Hands

I Have This Scared Little Health Care Bug In My Hands

A byMassingale F.A.S.C. Concepts News Story

 by Henry Massingale


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