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Worth Reading Will NOT Be Censored!

Worth Reading Will NOT Be Censored!

Many writers are now feeling the pressure of attempts to sabotage and censor news stories critical of Obama. I can name web news organizations that have been warned against publishing anything agianst The Anointed One under threat of having their search engines shut down, which would silence the news source.

It happened to this writer, under the sabotage category. I recently wrote a commentary titled, "Why Obama Must NOT Be A One-Term President," with the observation that he should not be ‘president' in the first place and that he should be put out of office before his term ends, before he destroys America which is obviously his goal..

The releases were blocked from going to the news sources. After two days with no publication or response from anyone, I contacted the editor of Worth Reading, who confirmed that he had never received the release. Others told me the same. I disguised the header in the second email-releases. Still, nobody would publish it under fear that they would be shut down.

That is EXCEPT for Worth Reading. Alain, the editor advised how to get a story directly to his site and it was immediately published. In the meantime, my computer went haywire, I couldn't publish anything on my website (I was locked out) and we had to redo the search engines.

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