Naked Santas in San Francisco - Jerry Newcombe With Word About Christmas

Those who followed my 11 part animal series know of my love for animals. Wild Life and Environmental Journalist, Cathy Taibbi, pointed out that more Liberals protect animals than Conservatives. Given that information by her, I pledged to hug a Liberal every day. They are easy to find out here.

I went to San Francisco last week to find a liberal to hug and was swarmed by a multitude of naked Santas. Yes, NAKED Santas! I kid you not. All they wore, both men and women, were Santa caps.

They of course were Liberals, but even though they ARE good to animals, I was not about to hug one of THEM!  So I got a little behind in my liberal hugging since I did not want to SEE a behind in all its glory.

Radio Host, writer and commentator, Jerry Newcombe saved the day by commandeering the keyboard to give a non-San Franciso perspective of Christmas:

What Have the Wise Men Wrought?  By Jerry Newcombe

The Torah has Codes for the believers of LORD Jesus Christ to follow and gain truth and spirital growth

Power is definable, quite possibly, as having the authority to make decisions for others without being accountable for one's mistakes.  Powerful leaders tend, from a critical eye, to risk resources that they did not sweat to create, but rather seize control over and impose ordiances for their own gain.  The powerful in the material world tend to appear to be opposite the humble working classes.  In the working classes are the rare but dedicated prophets of the LORD Jesus Christ, the one true rightous leader.

LORD Jesus Christ has allowed humanity to make blunders and mistakes in management of our earth for many centuries.  LORD Jesus Christ always had a plan to help the humble and poor.  One way is through the Christian Bible, or Torah.  God encoded His truth in the Torah over two thousand years ago, intending for it to be unsealed during the Biblical "End of Days."

The time or era of the "End of Days" may indeed center around December 21, 2012.  God intended there to be a shift in consciousiness leading up to and spiking around the end of December 2012.  God will do this using the Bible Code, the equidistant letter skips that allow God to communicate with analitical thinkers and those who were formally agnostic, or even atheist.

Obama's Legion of flying Monkey's from Hollywood

They gather in the cool midnight air, circling the clouds, their brilliantly white capped teeth reflecting in the moonlight; right now they cast aside the temptation to judge their peers expensive face jobs, and focus on the task at hand, defending the messiah, lord Barack Obama. This legion of primates are indigenous to the land of Hollywood, closely related to the homosapien, only separated by a euphoric elitist psychosis and an innate hatred traditional values.

Stealing America

As our Supreme Court awaits the inevitable implementation of left wing social activist Sotomayor, I ask myself, "How much of this can we take? They are stealing America." This tragedy is not unlike a violent car crash; your in the drivers seat, gripping the wheel, the tires are screeching, your life flashes before your eye's, and no matter which way you pull the wheel your still being sucked straight into a giant Oak tree. Earlier this week, President Obama unjustly implied that the Cambridge police officer who arrested his friend, did so out of racial motivation, then the President convinced us that we were making a big fuss over nothing when it was proven that he was dead wrong.

Away with Washington's Waste

The federal government and more than enough of our state representatives have failed us, they need to go. In the event you might have been in a coma for the last 100 years, and still believe that our elected officials are anything other than a corrupt ego-maniacal gaggle of thieves, let me enlighten you. From the original bastion of moral inequity Ted Kennedy, to uber sinner Chris "Countrywide" Dodd, right on up to our smiling dolt of a Vice President and ultimately the President, this government needs to be purged, now!

They are lying to us, they are destroying the republic that was so carefully constructed by our founders, and implementing a communist regime that will keep it's control by the barrel of a gun. Our children are exiting the womb, into a society that argues education, healthcare, housing, and employment are all basic rights. People are being born owing the state, they are in debt to the federal government before leaving the hospital.

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