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MilesTones Briefs Pulled Up: Weiner Poll Results

Is it men in general who suffer sexual abstinence anxieties (SAA)? Or does the disease especially target politicians?  The answer seems to be both. MilesTones conducted a purely irrational survey and found that 11 out of 10 men acknowledge a Weiner Problem, named for Congressman Anthony Wiener (D-NY).

Since the de-panting activitiies of the Beltway Congressman was unbuckled,  the medical profession has paid close attention to what appears to be a new strain of acute Obsessive Compulsive Disorder among politicans addicted to mating rituals which result in sexual over-drive symptoms that are, without treatment,  impossible to brake.

Since being revealed in this column, the medical profession( after intensive study), has officially re-catagorized the Weiner Problem (now published in the Diagnostic Reference Manual), as “Restless Weiner Syndrome.” (RWS)  It is a destructive disease that has fried Weiner’s political career and compromised a formerly powerful and rigid Democratic Party. See the story of the wayward congressman, “This Weiner Should Be Grilled,” at: www.revaustinmiles.com

Readers Have Last Word on Pastor Scandal on Last Day Before End of World

This is being typed as rapidly as possible since tomorrow, Saturday, May 21st, the world will end, according to American Family Radio Host, Harold Camping. Yep, we’ll all go ‘poof.’ Since this is our final day, it is a good time to let readers have the final word about the Suicide of Jerry Hanoum that has dominated the news.

The area newspapers, The Brentwood Press and The Contra Costa Times, fired off front page after front page stories about Pastor Jerry Hanoum, puffing up the accusations against him until he put a gun to his head on May 4th which gives a new meaning to ‘the word, “overkill.”

Those area papers couldn’t let it go even after his death and Memorial Service. The Sister Paper of The Contra Costa Times, The Antioch-Oakley-Brentwood News milked it further today with this question on their Editorial Page: “What should you look for when you select a church or other place of worship to attend? They knew, of course, that this would stimulate even more hate letters from Northern California readers against the now dead pastor, which in turn was slanted to reflect negatively on all Christians and the church itself which was the whole purpose of this headlined series.

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