The Thread of Life…

The Thread of Life...

By Garret Hashimoto

Each of our lives can be thought of as a fragile thread suspending the experiences of our life journey from conception to death. A tiny thread that may be cut at any time in a dizzying number of ways. Regardless of where on our journey through life this thread is cut, death is the inevitable result. Beginning with the day of our birth, a monumental effort is put forth by those that came before us to ensure our safety and well-being. We are nourished and protected, loved and admired, the very embodiment of hope for the future.

Our family, our society, and our laws work hard to keep our thread intact following our birth in an effort to ensure we have every opportunity to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. As we continue our journey, we become more and more capable of assuming responsibility for our own thread. We are driven by an innate desire to survive in this world, to find our place and to make a contribution.

Update From the Hawaii Christian Coalition - Great Victory For Traditional Marriage In Hawaii State Senate

A great victory for traditional marriage was won when the Senate failed to pull HB 444 by a vote of 18 to 6.  A total of 9 votes were needed to pull the bill.  Although it was believed that the bill had the votes needed to be pulled from committee, the overwhelming opposition led by the Christian Churches and community leaders gave God a great victory.

White, black, red, yellow people of all ethnicity rallied to oppose the bill.  Senators were innundated with opposition through phone calls, emails and office visits.  People also prayed and God answered their prayers.

Although the vast majority of the populace opposed HB444, Sen. Gary Hoosier stubbornly tried to have the bill pulled out of committee to support and legitimize homosexuality.  Five other Senators supported him.  They were Sens. Les Ihara, Carol Fukunaga, Suzanne Chun Oakland, Michelle Kidani and Rosalyn Baker.  Please remember their names in the upcoming elections in 2010.

The battle will continue to be fought as the gays and lesbians have stated they will continue the fight.  Although HB444 was not pulled out of committee, a surprising number of Democratic Senators and Representatives support the bill and legitimizing homosexuality in Hawaii.

The Hawaii Christian Calition will continue to be vigilant and start preparing to install God fearing candidates in the upcoming elections.

Garret Hashimoto
State Chairman, Hawaii Christian Coalition

Hawaii Christian Coalition state chairman fighting for traditional marriage in Hawaii

Hawaii is embroiled in a heated debate regarding HB444; a bill designed to give Gays and Lesbians the same rights as Hetorosexual couples.

The Hawaii Christian Coalition believes this bill is a stepping stone to legalizing same sex marriage and same sex education in our school system. This bill easily passed through the House Judiciary Committee as it was sponsored by Gay Legislator Blake Oshiro and the public had only 2 days of notice before the hearing.

Outrage has filled the Christian community as well as the general populace who voted overwhelmingly by 70 to 30 % to deny same sex marrige in Hawaii. A rally in opposition to House Bill 444 was organized on a sunday at our State Capitol and 8,000 signatures were gathered in opposition with a crowd of 10,000 to 12,000 in attendance.

The opposition called for a rally in support the next day with approximately 50 in attendance. When the bill reached the Senate Judiciary a few days later the committee deadlocked 3-3.With the bill seemingly stalled in committee, the State Senate President,Colleen Hanabusa with the approval of House Judiciary Chair,Brian Taniguchi is threatening to pull it out of committee.

Total arrogance and indifference to public opposition and complete disregard for our Legislative process have these legislators elected by the people.

The Hawaii Christian Coalition is calling upon the general public to make your voices heard by calling or emailing your elected officials in your district.

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